Stop! “Ham”mer Time

SSH, BAC for Babe Ruth’s bday (2/6/1895), Mountain Climbers, and Squats, all 20x IC.
Each PAX grab a coupon and mosey to the unforgiving hill
5x up and down – 5 clap merkins at the bottom
– Curls with coupon x 20
– Bent over rows with coupon x 20
– Squats with coupon x 20
Repeat the hill routine with clap merkins at bottom
back to coupon:
– Lion kings x 20
– Curls x 20
– Straight arm lift over head x 10
Circle up, hold Coupons out from our chest or does 45 degree press-ups while one PAX runs Mt Midoriyama – around the track to the top and then straight down.
Mosey down to the swamp
– Step-ups x 10/leg
– Box jumps x 15 to the top of the steps
– Lunge x 15/leg
– Squats x 15
– Calf-raises x 20
Mosey to pavillion for ab-o-rama
– Dying cockroach x 20 IC
– LBC x 20 IC
– V-sits x ??
– Hollywood Poses x 10 IC
– Count-o-rama
– Name-o-rama
Angus’ M, Gus’ travel, Double Deuce’s daughter