Commit to the Winter Gloom @Smackdown

QIC:  Ghislaine

Date: 11/28/2023

PAX:   Mansiere, Old School, Gambler, Baloney, Recycle, Tootsie Roll, Happy Meal, Doula, Prosciutto, Catfish, Squirt, BiggTyme, Zima, Blow Pop, Mox

AO: Smackdown


Low to Mid 30s – Cold


Started with a mosey lap and then circled up. Continued with LBACs, Iraqi Ttime, Plank, Warrior Pose, and Third Grade Exercise.

The Thang

All exercises were done with a partner rotating with one another between motions. Exercises were intended to be completed cycling through the below list of motions every time partners rotated:

  • Exercises:
  • 100 Blockees -> Mosey Lap (1/4 mile)
  • 300 Big Boy Sit Ups -> Mosey Lap (1/4 mile)
  • 250 Block Presses -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 200 Thrusters -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 250 American Hammers -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 150 Lizard Dances -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 300 Curls -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • Motions:
  • Box Jumps up bleachers, 10 Johnny Dramas
  • Carry Block up bleachers, 10 Decline pushups
  • Up bleacher, squatting at every step, 10 incline pushups
  • Run to the back of the bleaches, 10 pull ups (Assisted or Not)
  • Bear Crawl to Cones


Always be courteous, always be kind, and most importantly once you start something don’t you ever stop until you are finished.


I was told after the workout that a lot of the PAX paired the motions with the exercise rather than cycling through each motion for each rotation during the exercise. Most of the PAX did an unholy amount of decline pushups :/


This was my first Q, thanks to everyone who came out. I’m grateful for this group.

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    Boneyard B-Sides

    QIC: Irish

    Date: 10/27/2023

    PAX: The Count, Cowbell, Castaway, V-Squared

    AO: Boneyard


    Low 60s. Great weather for a beatdown.


    Started with some SSH, stretches, 3-rd grade exercises, LBACs, chair pose, tree pose, etc. Got nice and limber. Then went for a short mosey and did some wall work (wall sits, and Pure BURN – after which there was much grumble-chatter).

    The Thang

    This was totally stolen from 9-Volt’s Tommy Boy backblast (with some modifications) – props to 9-Volt. The idea was to do music trivia (hence Side A/Side B) after each exercise (if answered wrong, we would increase the rep count) but Q forgot to bring the trivia questions, so we just did the exercises as written.

    Start on Side A and do the exercise, then move across the parking lot using the MOTION indicated and do Side B. Return to Side A using the same motion. Rinse and repeat.

    We finished up with some stretching and a last-minute Burpee Bus.


    Be conscious of negativity and negative people in our lives. Engaging with negative thoughts and negative people can cause us to adopt a negative attitude OURSELVES, which is toxic to our self-being, causes undue stress, and impacts our health. Seek to eliminate or minimize negativity where possible!


    • The Count regaled us with quite a story afterwards on positively dealing with a negative person!


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      Bird-watching at Flintlock

      QIC:  Dundee

      Date: 8/22/2023


      AOL, Bobbitt, Hurt Locker, Peffercorn, Plucker, Term Limit, Thin Mints

      AO: Flintlock


      Perfectly clear morning.

      Temp: 74 degrees

      Humidity: 95%

      Visibility: 100%

      Visibility of Plucker’s future wife: 0%


      Standard round of 30 SSHs, 10 WMHs, 10 3GEs, shoulder blasters

      The Thang

      It would be great to come up with a title for this workout. How about something clever, yet accurate? Let’s go with

      Multiple Rounds of Exercises
      Pax are given one exercise and a rep count to do. Everyone works towards that total, but when the first pax reaches it, he announces “Recover” and all pax stop where they are and jailbreak to the opposite end of the parking lot (approximately 100 yards). The rounds were:
      50 Blockees
      100 Gas Pumpers with block – gas pumper with the legs, overhead extension with the block
      100 Curlz for the Girlz (just the tip edition) – gripping the block in the front with just the fingers and thumb
      100 Goblet Squats
      100 Merkins

      After running the last jailbreak, pax migrated to a wall for a round of 20 chicken peckers and a wall sit for the six.

      The last 90 seconds were filled with LBCs in cadence and 15 leg raises.


      YHC mentioned a moment of correction another pax gave him after a previous COT (thanks to Sunscreen for the candor). Rather than (or at least in addition to) giving someone a hard time for a soft commit, make the effort to find out what’s really behind it. Is it really an a premeditated absence in search of an excuse, or is the pax truly wanting to be in the gloom and struggling with something else.


      F3 Nation lists Flintlock as a ‘boot camp’ style workout, but that’s only because ‘exercises performed while hoping and waiting for one specific jogger’ wasn’t an option. Other joggers passed by, their qualities assessed only as “her/not her.” There might be a COT in there somewhere.

      “Your COT better be good after this.” – anonymous


      Iron Pax approaches.
      There is a Convergence hosted at The U on Labor Day at 6AM.

      The Tom Emanski of Q School


      QIC: Prosciutto

      Assistant to the QIC: Burrito

      Date: 08/17/2023

      PAX: Blow Pop, Wake, Wax On, Mox, Catfish, Old School, Ghislaine, Gambler, Bigg Tyme, Hen House, Burrito, Pomade, Pediasure, Tootsie Roll, Happy Meal

      AO: Smackdown


      Wet with grass trimmings everywhere. EVERY. WHERE.

      We’re near Fall, but it’s August, so it feels backwards. Meaning, it was 61 degrees with some real August energy; the humidity sitting tight at 69,000%. Which is mostly wet, but mostly nice.

      As with most things tracked through “the Steve” these days, here to report that the Foot Saturation Index was strong to quite strong, but no one complained about it. A great group of men here today. Trench Foot from wet grass clippings is a thing.

      We discussed the specifics of the Q, responsibilities and purpose of his role and how to structure the workout. The format of cadence and why we do it the way we do.

      The reasons are several: keeping the team together, exuding a presence or command of authority, provides a rhythm to pace with one another, cadence/direction helps the pax to fight through the pain of the exercise with the mind working separately from the body, not knowing the total rep count takes away any thought-process the pax may have from budgeting his physical resources at the time, a distinctive start and stop.

      Finally, the disclaimer was mentioned. The disclaimer is delivered ahead of the work being done. Make sure to hit the high points:

      1. I am not a professional
      2. You know your own abilities; stay within them
      3. Check your surroundings and pay attention
      4. This is a free men’s workout group, you are here (heavy presumption) voluntarily and not by some sort of authoritative force or decree


      Willie Mays Hays, Side Straddle Hop, Forward Fold, Quad Stretches, Yoga Poses, Controlled breathing, Warm-up lap

      The Thang

      Simple Four Station Workout

      Four cones are set out, Pax start at the first cone all with a block of their own.

      Cone 1: Perform all with coupon: 10 blockees, 10 Squats, 10 Dead Lifts

      Upon completion of first cone work, plank and hold for six

      Move to Cone 2 – pax transport half the number of blocks at Cone 1 to Cone 2 by way of Murder Bunny. Pax without a coupon, partner carry to Cone 2

      Cone 2: Assign 1 pax per block for 10 blockees; remaining pax perform Partner Merkins (10) and Carolina Dry Docks (10); plank for six

      Move to Cone 3 – pax transport half the number of blocks at Cone 2 to Cone 3 by way of Murder Bunny. Pax without a coupon, partner carry to Cone 3

      Cone 3: Assign 1 pax per block for 10 blockees; remaining pax perform Star Jumps (10) and Bonnie Blair’s (10); plank for six

      Move to Cone 4 – pax transport half the number of blocks at Cone 3 to Cone 4 by way of Murder Bunny. Pax without a coupon, partner carry to Cone 4

      Cone 4: Assign 1 pax per block for 10 blockees; remaining pax perform Mountain Climbers (10), Plank Jacks (10); plank for six

      Everyone does 10 burpees OYO

      Go backwards through the stations picking up blocks along the way. Same exercises performed at each. Mode of transportation stays the same.


      As the saying goes, “Ask 10 people their opinion on [insert anything], you’ll get 10 different answers”. I canvassed several men in F3 to provide me their opinion on “Top Tips for Leading a Workout”. Their answers were mostly similar. Intriguing. Except for the guy who wouldn’t stop talking about theme workouts!

      The most common responses:

      • If you can’t do it, don’t Q it
      • Over plan what you think you might need; have a plan and have a backup plan just in case
      • Be prepared for anything
      • The Q is not about you!

      The most confusing responses:
      – “Don’t put too much emphasis on the COT; speak your mind”
      – “the COT is more important than the workout. The Q is the ticket to speaking your mind at the end”.

      Most mindful:

      • Start and End on time
      • Keep an eye on / stay with the six (Leave no Man Behind)

      Clearly, there’s more than one way to go about leading which makes this so special. We are all different, have seen different things and come from different backgrounds. This is an extension of leadership. Everyone gets to add their own creative spin for the betterment of fellow man. In the end, nothing but respect, fist bumps and sweet sweet validation, and positive affirmation awaits.

      Go get out there and Q it!


      Asked Burrito to be my demonstrator pawn today. Only demonstrate, no need for him to do anything else. He literally cannot do anything without talking. Work in progress.

      Burrito must have been kicked out of his house – so you might find him sleeping at AOs. If you do see him sleeping, just wake him up. That worked well this morning.

      A video was made about today’s Q School — here is a preview of the bootleg version with endorsement by 2023 Hall of Famer Inductee Fred McGriff.

      Partner carries are making a comeback. At one time, they were more popular than murder bunnies; why not do both at the same time?


      There were announcements and news was shared

      Recent Backblasts

        Tommy Boy

        QIC: 9-Volt

        Date: 5/23/23

        PAX: Cooter, Mayhem, Cheney, Wuzntme, Lonely Island, # Phase, Pipeline, FAmily Tree, Abercrobie, Tape Deck, Wet Dream, Cock-6, Duvet

        AO: Battery




        Mosey to the Skate Park
        PAX will perform exercise at one end of the skate park then run to the other
        rinse and repeat. ( During BAC and claps PAX will keep arms raise while running)

        BAC Fwd15BAC Rev15
        Seal Clap15Ovehead Clap15

        The Thang – Fat Guy In A Little Coat Shirt

        PAX continues moving from the “Fat Guy” side to the “Little Shirt” side of the park between exercises using the following modes of transportation; Bear Crawl, Lunge, Crab Walk, Bernie, Crawl Bear, Run
        After each exercise the Q will ask a trivia question. If the PAX answers correctly they get a 10 count.
        If the Q beats the entire PAX to the other side, everyone is awarded a 3 groundhog penalty

        Hand release Merc15Sit Ups20
        Jump Squats15Mt Climber20
        Donkey Kicks10100’s20
        Monkey Humpers20Calf Raise40
        Burpees20Flutter Kick25
        Crab Jacks20Standing Leg Lift20 Ea
        Little baby crunch15Hello Dolly25
        Dips20Capt Thor10
        Wide arm merkins20Imp Walkers20
        The Q is allowed to cheat on the race

        The sexy beat this morning was brough to you by Tom Jones

        Tommy Boy Trivia
        What was the working title of the movie  “Tommy Boy”“Rocky Road”
        True/False, Tom Jones sang a duet with Dolly Parton on the Porter Wagner showFALSE
        True/False, Rotten Tomatos gave “Tommy boy” 42%TRUE
        True/False, Gene Simmons wrote part of the soundtrack for Tommy BoyTrue, “I Love it Loud”
        True/False, David Spade is CanadianFALSE
        What year was “Tommy Boy” Released?1995
        True/False, Chris Farley was in rehab with Ozzy OzbornFalse,  Ozzy would never go to rehab
        True/False, Tom Jones performed the theme for the James Bond movie “Thunderball”TRUE
        True/False, Bo Derek was nominated for a golden globe award for best supporting actress for her role in Tommy BoyFALSE,  She got a razzie for worst supporting actress
        True/False,  David Spade also received a Razzie award for worst supporting ActressTrue,  The movie Jack and Jill
        True/False, Tom Jones was originally cast as Mr. Roark  in the Pilot for the  TV show fantasy Island FALSE, He was in one episode
        Who is Ray Zalinsky played by?Dan Akroyd
        What is Tom Jones’ last nameWoodward
        Name any of the animals David Spade has done voice acting for?Lama, Red Panda, White Gorilla, Dragon Fly
        True/False, “Tommy Boy” is on Roger Ebert’s most hated listTRUE
        True/False,  Chris Farley was a child actor staring in a Mr. Bubbles commercialFALSE
        Tom Jones starred in a TV film called Pleasure Cove along with David HasselhoffTRUE
        True/False, David Spade was married to Heather LocklearFalse,  He Dated her but she sobered up
        True/False, Tom Jones was knighted by Queen Victoria?FALSE, Queen Elizabeth
        True/False, Chris Farley appeared in a Red Hot Chilly Peppers music videoTrue, Soul to Squeeze
        True/False,  Chris Farley was conceived at the Woodstock Music FestivalFALSE
        True/False, Tom Jones appeared in both the Simpsons and The fresh prince of bel-airTRUE, as himself
        Where did Chris Farley live?In a van down by the river
        True/False,  Ronald Reagan invited Tom Jones to the White HouseFalse, Bill Clinton did
        Ture/False,  David Spade was attached in his home by his assistant, Skippy MalloyTrue, he was tazed but escaped and hid in his bathroom
        True/False, Tom Jones has 26 children by 11 womenFalse, Who’s counting


        Today’s wisdom is contained in the trivia questions


        • I think we already have a guy names Heisenberg but I’m not certain


        Recent Backblasts

          Blood Sweat and Tears (and other fluids)

          QIC: 9-Volt

          Date: 4/27/2023

          PAX: Ricki Lake, Term Limit, Full Moon, Ram Rod, Pipe Line, Glitter Bomb, Bernie, Joe Jelly

          AO: Hacksaw


          I got soul and I’m super bad – James Brown


          PAX Meet at the pavillion with blocks

          SSHIn Cadence20
          Willy Maze HazeIn Cadence10
          Forward FoldIn Cadence
          (As God intended)
          Down Dog
          Up Dog
          Tea Time
          Runner’s Stretch
          Baby Arm Circles – FwdIn Cadence10
          Baby Arm Circles – RevIn Cadence10
          Seal ClapIn Cadence10
          SSHIn Cadence

          The Thang – Soul Train Tribute

          The PAX may use a block for extra resistance

          Exercise Qty
          Block Lunge10Each Side
          Split Calf Raise- straight leg 10Elevate one foot on a bench. Keep leg straight
          Split Calf Raise- Bent Leg10Elevate one foot on a bench. Keep leg bent
          Block lift 10Sit on bench, put toe in block, lift with ankle
          1 leg squat10Stand on block put one foot in air, lower until it touches the ground
          Angled calf raise20Back against wall at angle, plant heel and toe raise
          Squats w/block20
          Lounge Act20Each side
          Monkey Humpers20
          Belly Flop Flutter Kick20Lay on your belly
          Touch Rafters10Jump up and touch rafters
          Jump Rope1 Min
          Standing leg lift10each side
          Repeat above exercises once
          Extra Credit was given for farting while performing standing leg lifts
          Contestants were disqualified if they shit themselves
          (Pipe Line)

          The soundrack for this morning festivities was inspired by watching Soul Train every Saturday during the 70’s


          Pay attention to all the muscles we used today that you didn’t know you had. If you are unballanced you should feel it tomorrow.

          Great sphincter control was demonstrated by all in attendance


          Recent Backblasts

            A Flair for Bricks Part 5

            QIC: 9-Volt

            Date: 4/25/2023

            PAX: Roundup, WreckedEm, Shamu, Shocker, Face Plant, Tatonka, Chiclet, Duvet, NoDoze, John Doe

            AO: Parliament


            I wish I were in Tijuana, eating barbequed iguana

            Begin with a Mosey around the tennis courts —– The count, sensored (you Tube)
            Everyone grab two bricks and circle up around the sound—– Commodores “Brick House” playing in the background

            SSHWith Bricks10
            Cobble Stones(3rd grade exercise- With Bricks10
            Brick ShittersWillie Maze Haze – With Bricks10
            Little Baby Brick CirclesDuh
            Brick ClapsSeal Claps – With Bricks10
            SSHWith Bricks10
            The number 5 is not allowed at the Battery. (4 Groundhog penalty)

            The Thang

            Cage Match – Break into teams of 2.
            One PAX runs around the wrestling ring while the other does battle (exercise)
            The one in the ring can tag out when ever his partner comes by.
            When tagging out the PAX must yell Whooooo! or 4 Groundhog penalty

            Smurf JacksWith bricks
            Hand Release MercNo bricks required
            Brick Side RaiseStanding, arms at sides, raise bricks over head
            Monkey Humpers
            Brick Tricep extensionTricep extension – With bricks
            100’s of bricks Like a 100’s only with bricks
            Brick HammersAmerican hammers – With Bricks
            Masonry Sit UpsBig boy sit ups – With bricks
            Crab jacks
            Brick Front RaiseStanding, hands @ waste, raise bricks to 90 deg in front
            Lounge Act25 each side
            Pickle Pointers20 OYO
            Freddie Mercury10
            Groundhogs5 OYO

            This morning’s play list was brought to you by the number 5

            Life often doesn’t come with a rule book. You have to figure it out on your own and it helps to have a sense of humor.

            Mole Skin

            The bricks were sanitized for your protection


            Poker Ruck at the Battery on Saturday

            Recent Backblasts

              U Better Dora

              QIC:  Clothespin

              Date: 03/20/2023

              PAX: AOL, Plucker, Tube Squeeze, Term Limit, Pill Mill, Picabo

              AO: The U


              Clear and colder than a witches tit in a brass bra….



              Forward Fold


              Down Dog 

              1/2 Mile Lap

              The Thang:


              Pick a partner. There was an odd number so Q worked by himself. One partner did reps while the other moseyed to the other set of cones about 200′ away did 3 squats then returned. They then switched roles and kept going until they had achieved the number of reps cumulatively of each exercise listed below.

              50 Burpees

              100 Curls

              200 Merkins

              300 SSH

              400 Bench Press

              500 Calf Raises W/ Block 


              Take advantage of the great opportunity that F3 gives you. We are here to be come better leaders, fathers, friends, husbands and coworkers. Build those shield locks and push each other, not only in the workouts, but in life. I know that I can call on anyone in F3 and they will have my back. Guys will pray, give and will support. Use your time, talent and treasures to support each other. Support is not always praise it may be correction.


              Not so fast Clothespin… on the half mile run
              This workout is not for the faint of heart
              It’s hard to sweat in this weather….
              You forgot your squats Clothespin……..


              Poker Ruck 4-1 at The Battery, Chubby’s, Convergence 7-4 at Hacksaw, Romin Rome Ruck with F3Noga 7-22.

              Recent Backblasts

                Was it Really Track Day?????

                QIC:  Clothespin

                Date: 03/07/2023

                PAX: Face Plant, Blackout, Tatonka, Roundup, Sniffer, Zoosk, Nodoz

                AO: Parliament


                50s Clear with a bright moon! Perfect workout weather.

                Who the heck let Clothespin Q Trackday anyway……

                One would think that Trackday would be running. Make some laps gets some miles and go home… Well not today!

                The Thang

                Dundee’s Workouts are stupid….
                6 cones set evenly spaced on half the track. Traverse the cones in a suicide fashion, buying in with 2 burpees each time you go back to cone 1. Each time you travel out to a cone you do an exercise at that cone then return to cone 1. Mode of transport was mosey the whole time.
                Round 1 was 20 Merkins at each cone
                Round 2 was 10 BBS at each cones
                Round 3 was 20 Squats at each cone
                Had just a couple of minutes after round three to stretch and cool down.


                I burned 4820 calories Monday and didn’t eat nearly enough. To say the least, I was still tired and did not want to workout this morning. I am so glad to have my F3 brothers to motivate me and share the gloom with me. Try to build those shield locks and make the most of the relationships and fellowship that F3 provides.


                Blackout and Tatonka kept talking about meat…. I don’t know what that was about…..
                If you don’t burpee, do you even workout?


                AOL on Q 3/8/2023, Chubbys, F3/FIA Capture the flag 3/25/2023, Poker Ruck at The Battery 4/1/2023

                Recent Backblasts

                  Who Makes the History You Celebrate

                  QIC:  Mr. Clean

                  Date: 02/20/2023

                  PAX: Bonsai, Escobar, Loggins, Mayhem (Respect), Ricki Lake, Snatch, Toe Tag

                  AO: Hacksaw


                  Fairly clear morning. Temps in lower 50s.


                  SSH x20 IC
                  Forward Fold OYO
                  Various Yoga “Stretches”
                  Willie Mays Hayes

                  The Thang

                  Before we began but after the Disclaimer began, YHC mentioned visiting AOs on “holidays”, which drew some instant Mumblechatter from certain Pax, and the Summer now that YHC has reentered the Education world. This was a strategic comment to be addressed later in the COT…stay tuned
                  In other news, the routine below was stolen from Knox’s Drive-Thru. Running was “modified up” and the Blockees were “modified down”
                  Drive Thru’s Modified Routine

                  Complete all exercises in sets of 25. After each set of 25, mosey to a predetermined point.
                  150 — Curls
                  25 yard Mosey
                  125 — Block Squats
                  50 yard Mosey
                  100 — Overhead Presses
                  75 yard Mosey
                  75 — KB Swings
                  100 yard mosey
                  50 — Thrusters
                  125 yard Mosey
                  25 — Burpees


                  Now, back to the “Disclaimer Comment” regarding our proverbial “holidays”. Simply put, interpretation of holidays has now become quite the comical topic in our daily grammatical semantics. Of course, most would consider certain “holidays” fairly universally celebrated in terms of “time off” such as Christmas/Independence Day etc.
                  Today’s COT was neither about what we deem as holidays, nor which holidays should or should not be celebrated. Today’s COT was about the fact that most of these holidays represent some sort of historical significance, and while most of us, at the very least, recgonize or celebrate this historical significance; we are often very detached from that actual significance and it’s often by no fault of our. These historical events simply happened long before us.
                  Therefor, our responsibility is to focus on the “Now” and the “Who” in which and for whom we make history. What really matters? What really matters are the “holidays” we make with those most important to us. Celebrate George Washington, cool. Are you celebrating your 2.0’s improvement in reading? Celebrate Independence Day, cool. Are you celebrating the fact you get to enjoy Independence by celebrating a random date night with your M?
                  Bottom line: recognize the importance of history so we can avoid past mistake and build upon positive achievements, BUT let the celebrating of history come with those of whom you make it…


                  My playlist once again garnered some nice Mumblechatter from the Hack Pack.
                  Loggins does not know Messina
                  Mercer is in Macon but also in Atlanta and it’s really freaking expensive to get a pharmacy degree and to live there…


                  Tuff Muff this Saturday 02/25/2023
                  Come visit Shot House on Saturday 03/25/2023 for a fun morning of Capture the Flag
                  Chubby’s still and always will need volunteers, items, and prayers


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