Jean Girard’s Bweuerpee’s

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 03/07/2024

PAX: Blow Pop, Catfish, Doula, Gambler, Happy Meal, Hen House, Manscaper, Old School, Pomade, Shogun, The Count, Woodrider

AO: Smackdown


We showed up and FiA was already there (!!!) gross.

YHC thought that Manscaper had brought his gaggle of hens with him. Then Hen House showed up and everyone was befuddled. Here, everyone showed up for Prosciutto the cock commander, but then Manscaper and Hen House brought the estrogen.

The workout was going to happen anyway as we F3 men asserted our position on the track and took over. Shogun was there he can tell you all about it. It was nice to have The Count and Woodrider as some weary travelers from a far off place in our region. A short discourse on staying safe on slippery ground and we were off like a shot.

The rest of the workout was mostly french speaking, as such, the thang is poorly translated by AI (maybe? …. I don’t know – I only speak Freedom, Fascism, and Democracy; one of these is not like the other)


Tour de course en file indienne x2 et étirements, ou autre chose selon vos préférences.

The Thang

Après la séance d’échauffement, nous sommes directement passés à la partie principale.

3’s and 7’s

EOMOM (chaque minute, une minute sur deux) – Trois “bwuerpee’s”

Avec un partenaire, réalisez des séries de 7 jusqu’à ce que ce soit le tour de votre groupe de parcourir la piste sur toute sa longueur.

  • Squat sur bloc / Squat en chute libre
  • Row penché en avant / Pression sur bloc
  • Grimpeur de montagne / Fessiers de singe
  • Curls / Pompes
  • Relevé de jambes / Situps de gros mec
  • John McCain / Soulevé de jambes tendues
  • Répétez une fois que vous avez terminé cela une fois.


This past week I lost a friend to heart attack who I had spoken to F3 about but never encouraged or followed-up to actually make sure he’d make it to a workout. I will always wonder if it would have made a difference. Don’t wait and don’t shy away from sending that text or making that connection to encourage someone to join us.

You never know — you just never know — how it might help or change the course of someone’s life.


Burpee’s are more fun to say like Jean Girard from Talledega Nights


4th F upcoming, Chubby’s Homeless Ministry, Mountain Second F every Friday aka “Frothy Friday’s at Pruitts”

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