Dora’s Toolkit

QIC: Irish

Date: 01/05/2024

PAX: Castaway, Life Alert, I.E.

AO: Boneyard


High 20s. Clear and cold. Hence the Beatdown was designed ahead of time to keep people moving and warm.


  • Warmup (SSH, 3rd Grade, Stretches, LBACs, etc.)
  • Mosey to Pad

The Thang

Musical Dora:  The beatdown was designed as a standard Dora but with a twist. Partner 1 exercises while Partner 2 runs a lap on the track. Flapjack as normal. But instead of worrying about counting the reps, we just exercised to the length of the songs on our 4-song playlist.

Since YHC is a Tool fan (as Life Alert pointed out, all computer geeks are Tool fans), four Tool songs would cover the 35+ minutes or so of the beatdown more than adequately. So four exercises were chosen.

Exercise 1:

  • Song: Schism –  6:44
  • Album: Lateralus
  • Exercise: Merkins

Exercise 2:

  • Song: 46 and 2 – 6:03
  • Album: Aenima
  • Exercise: Squats

Exercise 3:

  • Song: 7empest – 15:43 –> Note: Lots of mumble-chatter regarding the length of this track!
  • Album: Fear inoculum
  • Exercise: LBC

Exercise 4:

  • Song: Vicarious – 7:07
  • Album: 10,000 Days
  • Exercise: Flutter Kicks

Two Burpee Buses interrupted the beatdown. I.E. demonstrated a more-than-adequate “Burpee Bus” radar system; Rodeo has taught him well.

We then moseyed back to the flag to close out.


Lots of people have 2024 resolutions to be more productive. That shouldn’t mean doing more stuff but doing the right stuff. Minimize distractions and get really clear on what matters to you and work on that. Don’t just fill your day with tasks that don’t get you where you want to be or drive value in your life.



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