“Burp” so good…

The Scene: It was a beautiful, calm morning in the Hill City, somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 degrees.
The welcome and disclaimer was administered…as always AND especially in light of our 2 FNG’s (Way to go fellas)
Mosey to where the trolls live under the bridge for a little warm up
-Side Straddle Hop / In Cadence x 15
-Arm Circles (Forward / Backwards) IC x 15
-Squat Chinooks / IC x 15
-Mountain Climbers / IC x 15
-Imperial Walkers / IC x 15
-Prisoner’s Squat / IC x 15
Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15
The Thang
+Route 66 // Run the distance of two light poles and do 1 burpee…run to the distance of another two light poles and do 2 burpees…continue on until you have made 11 stops for a total of 66 burpees. After each stop, we held plank until the entire PAX was done–b/c we are a team!
According to Prosciutto, “we got our kicks on Burpee Route 66”.
We needed to catch our breath so we grabbed a 10 count before moseying back to the concrete stairs near the bottom of Mt. Madoriyama.
“Stairway to 7” (thanks either Prosciutto or Angus for the name–you guys were feeling very creative today)
-At the bottom of the stairs, do 7 incline merkins, then box jump up 1 stair, then do 7 dips, then box jump up 1 stair…repeat that order to the top…We held plank until the PAX was done!
We took a slow mosey to the LOVE SHACK where we grabbed a partner.
-One partner did a wall sit while the other ran to the bottom of Mt. Madoriyama…Bernie Sanders’ed up the Mt and then ran back to switch with his partner.
-Weezy Jefferson / IC x 15
-Alphabet / Apparently I forgot that K still belongs in the Alphabet.
-Passed the baton to Angus and Prosciutto for our final 2 excerises:
(Angus) // American Hammer / IC x15
(Prosciutto) // Hollywoods / IC x12, each side
The 2 FNG’s were bestowed the names: Mr. Clean (looks just like the real one) and Abacus!
Prayer requests:
-Gus // transition to Memphis
-Angus and Abacus’s wives are pregnant
-Laces Out’s cousin battling cancer
-Snowflake // VBS this week