06/29/2017 Backblast

-Where: Hill City, Chattanooga, TN
-When: 6/29/17
-QIC: Delta
-The PAX: Laces Out (Respect), Angus, Ohms, Chucky, Banjo, Stairmaster, AND welcome FNG’s: Schnitzel, Noodle, 5-0, Leg Day

The Scene: Mid-60s and beautiful in the Hill City where 11 men, which included 4 FNG’s, engaged in the morning activities to sharpen one another.
Welcome and disclaimer were administered and we mosey’ed to the great hall for a little warm-up action. As we mosey’ed, the PAX was told that anytime and every time we see joggers, we will stop what we are doing and perform Pickle Pounders / IC x 15.
The Warm Up
Side straddle hop / IC x 15
Mtn Climbers / IC x 15
Imperial Walkers / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
Lunges / 10 each leg
Dot Drills / 20 on your own followed by 10 on each leg
SSH / IC x 15
Baby Arm Circles (forward / backwards) / IC x 15
Squat Chinooks / IC x 15
The Thang:
We partnered up for a li’l Dora 1-2-3 action. Our goals; 100 Merkins, 200 BBSU, 300 Squats
One of the partners began executing Merkins while the other partnered bear crawled 1.5 light poles and back which almost killed us. Once the partner got back from the bear crawl, they picked up where the other partner stopped. Continued this pattern until we accomplished all the reps and all the exercises.
During the Dora, we spotted some joggers so we all stopped for some bonus Pickle Pounders (IC / x 15).
We then took a small mosey to the top of the stairs where we all did 15 Dips followed by 5 Burpees…repeated 3 times.
Before we circled up for 6MOM, we Burnie Sanders-ed up Mt. Madoryima
Flutter Kicks / IC x 15
+Saw some joggers and had to do a little bonus Pickle Pounders
American Hammer (Demonstrated and led by Angus) / IC x 15
LBC’s (Demonstrated and led by Ohms) / IC x 15
Namoroma // We had 4 FNG’s—how sweet is that. We bestowed the onto them the names: Snitzel, Leg Day, Noodle and Five-O!
Word of the Day // In thinking about Cheech and the legacy that he left behind, I started to think about the legacy I am going to leave behind. So I asked the guys to think about what they want to be said of them at their funeral…and with that in mind, I asked them to think about what they are going to do from this day until that day to ensure that that is going to be said of them.
Prayer Requests:
Laces Out / Cousin battling cancer, Cousin’s niece recovering from open heart surgery
Angus & Leg Day / Wives are pregnant
Gus / Transition to Memphis
Prosciutto / Tap recovering