07/06/2017 Backblast

-When; 07/06/17
-Where; Hill City / Chattanooga, TN
-QIC; Delta
-The PAX; Ohms, Angus, Laces Out (Respect), Schnitzel, Sling, Pumpkin, Devo (all the way from outside of Charlotte, NC)
Welcome / Disclaimer
+Every time we see JOGGERS; we all stop and do 20 BBSU
The Warm-Up
Side Straddle Hop (SSH) / IC x 15
Mtn Climbers / IC x 15
High Knees / IC x 15
Wide High Knees / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
*We spotted some joggers and dropped and pounded out 20 BBSU
Baby Arm Circles (Forward and backwards) / IC x 10
Moroccan Night Club / IC x 15
Circle Burp—The PAX jogged in place and one by one each member of the PAX, after a random period of time, shouted out “Drop” which told the PAX that they should drop to the ground and do a burpee. The PAX continued this sequence for two go-rounds around the circle.
*We spotted another group of joggers and dropped once again and pounded out 20 more BBSU
Rocky Balboa (Alternating toe-taps on the curb) / IC x 20
The Main Thang;
The PAX took a li’l mosey to the river walk where we partook in what F3 calls “Hindenburg BLIMPS”
We set running along the river walk and every 3 light poles, we stopped to perform the following exercises:
1st stop: 10 Burpees
2nd stop: 20 Lunges
3rd stop: 30 Imperial Walkers
4th stop: 40 Merkins
5th stop: 50 Plank Jacks
6th stop: 60 Squats
It would be safe to say that we needed a li’l 10 count…as we caught our breath AND since we live in a democratic society, I asked the PAX to vote on what we should do next…The choices were another round of Hindenburg BLIMPS of plan B. They chose plan B so we took a li’l mosey towards where the Swamp Thing Lives. As we mosey’ed that way, Angus mentioned that our nomad Devo from outside of Charlotte really needs to experience our Mt. Madoryima…SO, I called an audible and rolled with plan C.
Plan C took us to the base of Mt. Madoryima where we took part in Jacobs Ladder
-For Jacobs Ladder, we started with 1 Burpee, then headed up the Mtn…at the bottom, we did 2 burpees and then headed back up the Mtn…We continued this rhythm until we got to 7 burpees and 7 times up the Mtn.
*We spotted another group of joggers and dropped once again and pounded out 20 more BBSU
Captain Thor // 1 BBSU followed by 4 American Hammers, 2 BBSU followed by 8 American Hammers…all the way up to 10 BBSU and 40 American Hammers
Word of the Day // Jesus, as busy as He was, did not miss the individuals over the crowds. He walked slowly through His days and never missed an opportunity to love, serve, bless, care for those His Father has placed in His life. Acts 17:26 says that God has placed us where we when we are for a reason…pat of that reason is for us to practice PRESENCE. To walk slowly through our days, like Jesus, looking for opportunities to care for, serve, love and bless those around us.
Prayer Requests
-Angus & Leg day’s wives are pregnant
-Laces Out // Meeting with Tammy who has just taken custody of her 2 year old grandson // Cousins battling cancer // Cousin’s niece heart problems
-Ohms // House hunting // Friend having an appendectomy
-Pumpkin // Mission trip to St. Louis
-Sling // Meeting with Music Group—open doors to share the Great News of Jesus