Put your money where your mouth is

Put your money where your mouth is”
PAX: Early Bird, Angus, Ohms, Stairmaster, Laces Out, Rainman, Flemish
Scene: 71 degrees and damp…
Disclaimer was administered which included

  1. If you get hurt, we will help carry you to your car…that piece of information would come in handy later in the morning.
  2. If we see any joggers, we will all stop and conduct 10 burpees…then pick up where we left off and keep going.

The PAX took a little mosey to the Great Hall…
Warm Up:
Ring of Fire…The Pax circled up and took turns calling out different exercises. The one who called out the exercise would bear crawl around the circled up PAX while the PAX executed the exercise. Then the next member of the PAX called out an exercise…rinse and repeat…We did this for two laps around the circle for a total of 16 warm up exercises.
We then took a little mosey towards the river side of Coolidge Park…
The Thang:
DORA 1-2-3 // The PAX partnered up…each group of two completed 100 Merkins, 200 Dips and 300 Squats. One member of the tandem started doing merkins while the other member took a little run to a designated spot, when the runner returned to his partner, he would take over doing reps until they completed 100 total merkins…they would continue this rhythm the through the rest of the exercises.
+While doing the DORA 1-2-3, we spotted two different set of joggers so we all stopped and did 2 sets of 10-rep burpees.
After a 10 count from Ohms, we headed towards the river walk…
At the river walk, we bear crawled to the first light pole, lunged to the second light pole, ran to the third light pole and then conducted 25 plank jacks. We held plank until the entire PAX had finished and then we did the same sequence one more time.
We noticed that Laces Out (Respect) was moving a little slow and when asked, he mentioned that he had hurt his right leg. This is where, thanks to Steam Engine’s disclaimer of “if you get hurt, we will help carry you back to your car,” we had to put our money where our mouth was…meaning, Angus, Ohms and myself took turns carrying back to his car. #NoManLeftBehind #BandOfBrothers
Captian Thor // a 1 to 4 ratio of BBSU and American Hammers. Do 1 BBSU followed by 4 American Hammers. Then 2 BBSU followed by 8 American Hammers…all the way to 10 BBSU and 40 American Hammers. We took turns towards the end leading this exercise as this Q was feeling the pain and needed a little help.
WOD: We continued the discussion on “Your wife is not your best friend.” We clarified that what the F3 article (which is attached below) was saying was NOT that you should put F3, your hobbies or anything else other than God before your spouse—as in you should have friends closer to you than your spouse…BUT the article was clarifying that your spouse is not your best friend b/c she is so much more than that…she is your queen and you should treat her as such. The one issue that I take with the article from F3 is that they say that your relationship with your spouse should be your most important one. While I understand their sentiment, I would submit that your relationship with God should be your first and foremost relationship in your life. If God is not my first priority, then I am not the husband, father, friend, churchman, brother, etc that I am called to be. So the takeaway for the day is that: God should be our #1 relationship and our spouse is our #2 relationship.