QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Pax: Flemish, Ohms, Prosciutto, Mudslide, Best in Show, Rainman
AO: Hill City
Conditions: 63 and no rain!
Post Hurricane beatdown following devastating Hurricanes through Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean, Florida and the Southeast US. As Disaster Relief teams are responding, YHC decided to run with a RELIEF theme for the workout in the gloom.
Disclaimer then mosey near baby hill.
15 SSH
15 Merkins
15 plank jacks
15 imperial walkers
15 High knees
15 wide high knees
15 SSH
The Thang
Circuit 1: Hurricane R.E.L.I.E.F.
R-osalita 20 (IC)
E-Everest up Mt Medoriama (lunge with right leg/squat then lunge with left leg/squat etc to the top)
L-LBC 50 oyo
I-Inch Worm from one light pole to 3rd light pole
E-Everest (same as above on baby hill)
F-Freddie mercury 20 (IC)
Mosey to the river and grab a rock for
Bonus R: Rockees (burpees using rock to do push up and hop up over head) 10 oyo
Circuit 2: Rock cycle
High Curls 10
Full curl 10
Lower curl 10
Round robin MOM with call outs from the pax:
Ohms-15 Dying Cockroach
Mudslide-15 Crunchy Frog
Rain man-15 Pickle Pounders
Prosciutto-12 Hollywood (both sides)
Best in Show-15 Freddy Mercury
Heading back to the Love Shack, YHC called an Indian Run. Mumble chatter about the pace being on target for 24 min mile! Pax picked it up a little.
Had just enough time to do a little arm workout: LBAC 15 (front/back), Overhead Press 15, Moroccan Nightclub 15
There are many storms in life. Physical storms like the hurricanes, emotional storms and spiritual storms. We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or getting ready to j to a storm. We all need Relief. Psalm 4:1 reassures us that we can call on Jesus and he provides relief! Doesn’t always look like we want it to. Sometimes allows us to go through a storm and provides his presence!