Deja Vu / Read the Back Blasts

QIC: Delta

Date: 10/10/2017
PAX: Ohms, Laces Out (Respect), Best-n-Show (Respect), Mudslide, Angus, Rainman, Snowflake, Early Bird, Flemmish
AO: Hill City
Conditions: Mid-60’s and a little muggy…which turned into a little hot about mid-workout.
Welcome and Disclaimer were given and we were off…
The Warm Up
SSH / IC x 15
Mt. Climbers / IC x 15
Cotton Pickers / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
Baby Arm Circles: Forward / IC x 10, Backwards / IC x 10
Moroccan Night Club / IC x 10
Chinooks / IC x 10
SSH / IC x 15
The PAX took a little mosey around the parking lot near the Love Shack and then headed for…
The Thang
*Had I read previous BB’s, I would have known that the Deck O’Cards routine “dealt” last week, then I would have prepared another beat down…BUT I didn’t, so I brought the same beat down with a li’l twist…
One by one, each member of the PAX stepped up to the deck of cards, turned over the top card which instructed the PAX as t what the next exercise was…The suit indicated what exercise and the number represented the amount of reps. (Example: 7 of Hearts meant the PAX all did 7 Merkins, OYO). Face cards, such as Jack, Queen and King = 10 reps and the Aces = 1 rep per exercise.
DIAMONDS = Burpees
HEARTS = Merkins
CLUBS = Squats
There were 10 members of the PAX…after each member of the PAX took a turn drawing a card, we took a break from the deck by heading down to where the Swamp Thing lives…boxed jumped to the talked, moseyed over to the bottom of Mt. Madoryiama, bear crawled to the top and ran down to the deck of cards. We held plank or an Al Gore until the entire PAX was back and ready…
We continued this rhythm, with a few 10-counts here and there, until we finished the entire deck of cards…
The total number of reps was:
85 Burpees
85 Merkins
85 Squats
3 rounds of Box Jumping to the top of the stairs at the swamp
3 rounds of bear crawling to the top of Mt. Madoryiama