Steam Engine Express

QIC: Steam Engine

PAX: Delta, Prosciutto, Angus, Ohms, Rainman, Snowflake, Early Bird, Flemish, Laces Out, Best in Show, Mudslide

AO: Hill City

Date: 10/17/2017

Conditions: 48 degrees perfect weather for a tour of our lovely AO

Disclaimer was given and we are off.
Warm Up:
SSH IC 15x
Cotton Pickers IC 15x (think I called them Humpees my apologies heard different names for this)
Wind Mill IC 15x
Mountain Climbers IC 15x
LAC Forward IC 15x
LAC Backwards IC 15x
And we are off to our first stop of the day The Swamp
The Thang:
Box jump to the top & hold an Al Gore til the 6 arrives followed by Squat IC 10x rinse & repeat for a total of 4x
After spending some quality time at The Swamp we took off for the next stop Ring of Sprinklers (not sure if it’s been formally named). By the looks of it Rainman came prepared for this stop with his rain coat fortunately for the rest of us the sprinklers were off this cold morning.
Dips IC 10x & Incline Merkin IC 10x rinse & repeat 3x
Tried not to spend to much time here in fear that the sprinklers might go off on us so we rushed to the next stop The Great Hall for a quick sit.
Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali’s IC 15x
Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier’s IC 15x
Wall Sits w/ Push Press IC 15x
Once we got tired of sitting around we headed for the next stop Coolidge Park Loop
Indian Run 2x
Got a 10 count before heading to the next stop The Lot
Merkin-cide across the parking lot
Once completed we departed back to The Love Shack with less than a minute to go Angus lead us in a quick 1MOM
LBC IC 20x