The James Brown ROT

QIC: Angus
Date: 11/8/2017
PAX: Early Bird, Flemish, Picasso, Prosciutto, and Vila
AO: Hill City


55 Degrees and wet

The Disclaimer

Expeditiously delivered, twice. (Once again for the late comers).


The COP was assessed as the 10 burpee penalty from no shovel flag (thanks ohms, we hope those tenderloins get better) and 9 additional burpees for the FNG Challenge — we are either gonna get good at EHing or at burpees.

The Thang

This morning YHC covered for our man Laces Out who recently experienced a tragedy with the loss of his Father in Law. We are here to rally and support our community with vigilance and fervor. We cover the family of Laces out in prayer, knowing and trusting that the SkyQ has redemption for us all.
The James Brown R.O.T. (Xmas Abs Edition)
YHC began the F3 Journey in Augusta Region — the home of The Augusta National Golf course and James Brown. The HIMs of the North Augusta dreamed up The ROT (as inspired by The Bull of F3 Columbia) described by Crab Legs:

Be warned, this is not your normal F3 boot camp #workout. It is a #CSAUP event designed to be more difficult and therefore should only be undertaken once a week. The ROT is not suitable for FNG’s, unless of course they are feeling extremely frisky.
Equipment needed-
You’ll need normal F3 WO attire (gloves optional), a watch for keeping time, and definitely bring water. Rucks or coupons are optional, but are worth additional points.
Link to Full Backblast / Description

Since we don’t have the same geographic set up, we modify and make it suit our riverfront.
Start at the Blue Rhino and head toward the end of the walkway in the direction of the Loveshack.
Stop at every bench along the walk way and perform the following exercises:
10 x Burpees
10 x Step Ups (Right Leg)
15 x Squats
10 x Step Ups (Left Leg)
20 x Merkins
For our Xmas Abs Edition we swapped out the Burpees for Big Boy Sit Ups.
There are approximately 14 “Stations” along the walkway. If you can finish all of it with time to spare head back to the blue rhino and start again.
Making it to the end once is 1 Rep.
1 Rep totals:
140 Burpees
280 Merkins
280 Step Ups
210 Squats
1.1 Miles
Thank you to Dabo and Crab Legs for pushing YHC through many a cold morning getting better on The ROT — without their presence and motivation I wouldn’t be have the confidence to lead today.


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison aka T. Eddy
Special words of wisdom from Flemish who never found us this morning because he didn’t check GroupMe:
“Word to the wise. Check group me when you’re late. Today has been great cardio running around Chattanooga trying to find the group.”
Luckily, he found us on our return to the love shack in time for the COT.


11/11 – Q School
11/17 – 1 Year Convergence  / GrowRuck