Another Morning visit to the dog pound..


QIC: Best In Show
Date: 02/26/18
PAX: Prosciutto, FNG-Snorlax, Whittler
AO: Beast Ridge



Rain with a chance for more rain, however sprinkles ensued and at 55 degrees made for a great start to the day

The Disclaimer

Given with great earnest and clarity


Mosey to the local shed as YHC showed compassion for his PAX and warmed up under cover;
Imperial Walker
Cotton Picker
Smashing Pumpkins
Fire Hydrants
St Bernard Squats
MTN Climber
Kick Out Squat
Overhead Press

The Thang

After a sufficient warm up YHC lead the pax to the stadium for the next ring of the dog show
At the stadium steps each pax performed;
10 Incline Merkins
step up
10 Dips
Step up
10 Decline Merkins
Rinse and repeat 3 times along the length of the stadium steps
Then we mosey on over to find a nice tree to mark our territory by performing with Dora;
Pax paired up, pax 1 run to light pole (25 yards) while pax 2 performs the exercise;
100 squats
100 Plank Jacks
100 St Bernard Squats
to keep it fresh every other run up hill was a Bernie Sanders run
Just enough time to mosey back to MOM;
American Hammer -12
Freddie Mercury-12
Flutter Kicks-12
Figure 4 (compliments of Prosciutto)-10


Commitment; The 4 pax that showed up made the commitment to each to each other, the commitment to get better, the commitment to hold each other accountable.
Every day we all make commitments, in life, to our families,at work, in fact our entire day should be a commitment to get better, to be better, even if by only 1%, make the commitment to be better.


Team Relay marathon this weekend in Chattanooga, Team Best in Show is the obvious favorite.
Go Ruck in August, training continues!

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