Weather The Storm


QIC: Angus
Date: 03/01/18
PAX: Ringwald, Magellan, Ohms, Early Bird, Whittler
AO: Hill City


Cold and raining

The Disclaimer

The disclaimer was delivered with respect for every PAX present.

The storm had been present for days but it does not slow us down. We show up and work hard rain or shine hot or cold. As we like to say #cantore can’t keep us down.


Mosey down to the great hall
SSH, IW, HK, SSH, WHK, SSH, AK, SSH, Squat, SSH, Lunge

The Thang

Grab a rock and mosey over to the Knitting Mill
Twisted Chelsea
Chelsea originates from crossfit as an EMOM workout that goes as follows:
5 Pullups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
EMOM for 30 minutes
But, YHC knew just repeating this would burn the PAX and could get a little repetitive so we added a little more to keep things interesting:
On the interval do the following with your rock:
10 Overhead Press
10 Curls
10 Bent Row
We repeated this in its entirety now known as the twisted chelsea for 15 minutes
Mosey back to the Loveshack for some 6MOM


YHC has been focused on goals lately — personal AND professional. This is inspired by a conversation YHC had with a superior at work:
If you don’t have a heading (goals set and in your mind) then when (not if) the storm comes how will you know where to go? You will get tossed about, lose your sense of direction and be wandering in the sea.
Have a heading. Set your goals.
Ask yourself the question: Why do I exist right now?


Chattanooga Marathon
TBD on Friday Breakfast Club and Hump Day Happy Hour

Upcoming Qs

3/5 @f3prosciutto at Beast Ridge
3/5 Ruck/Run at The Griff
3/6 Stairmaster at Hill City
3/7 @thechasewright at The Griff
3/7 Ruck/Run at Beast Ridge
3/8 @villa3118 at Hill City