You Can’t Stop Me

QIC: Snowflake
Date: 04/04/2018
PAX: Ohms, Whittler, Geiger, Ringwald
AO: The Griff

55 degrees, still cold enough to wear a hoodie

I am not a professional, make sure to not hurt yourself. We are going to work hard today, so be ready.

SSH x 15
Lounges x 15
Merkins x 15
Squats x 15
SSH x 15
Arm Circles x 15
Reverse Arm Circles x 15
Moroccan Night Club x 15
Chinooks x 15
Penalty Burpees x 10 (Thanks Prosciutto)

The Thang: 
We started off with a 15 foot Mosey to the track until we hit the first light pole. From here I explained to the PAX that we would do traveling B.L.I.M.P.S. around the track.
B- Bear Crawl to the next light pole.
L- Lounge to the next light pole.
I- Inch Worm to the next light pole (from a plank position walk your feet to your hands, and then walk your hands until you are in plank position. Continue until you reach the next light pole. Mumble chatter ensued that this exercise is now more hated then even the Bear Crawls).
M- Mexican Jumping Bean Squat (A board jump) to the next light pole.
P- Prisoner Run (Run with your hands on your head. Mumble chatter on how nice this exercise is compared to the others) to the next light pole.
S- Suicides to the next light pole.
We continued around the track and then took a detour to do some wall sits.
Muhammad Ali’s x 15
One Legged Wall Sit x 8 (Switched Legs after 8)
Bus Driver x 15
After the Wall Sit Workout we continued around the track completing 3 total B.L.I.M.P.S.
After we completed the 3rd B.L.I.M.P.S we Moseyed back over to the Building to complete another round of the Wall sit workout.
After the Wall sit, we Mosesyed back to the parking lot were we began.
Here we did the ” You Can’t Stop Me” Planks, which includes holding a plank for 4 minutes rotating between a high and low plank throughout the song. YHC is proud of the PAX as only 1 penalty burpee was assessed for a knee touching the ground.
Ended things with some Mary,
American Hammer
Pickle Pounders
Freddie Mercury
Big Boy Sit Ups
Flutter Kicks

I showed the follow PAXs a video from Matt Chandler in which he talks about the responsibilities of a Husband. We are called to go to bed tired at the end of each day. We go tired because we have given everything we have not only to our job, but to our wives and kids as well. We put them above ourselves and go until we have nothing left to give.
Men, Love your wife as Christ loved the church, and be willing to give up your own life for hers, for their is no greater love then this.