The Track Meet

QIC: Ringwald
Date: 06/19/2018
PAX: Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, Ohms, Radiohead
AO: Lions Den


Nice and warm out.

The Disclaimer

All the usuals about not suing F3 or injuring yourself.


Changed it up and did a little stretching for the warmup

  •  Right arm over head
  • Left arm over head
  • Good mornings
  • V sit reach left side
  • V sit reach right side
  • V sit reach middle
  • Jon Armstrongs
  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
  • SSH X 20 IC

The Thang

Four Corners in the parking lot
Bernie in between each stop

  • 25 Merkins
  • 25 Squats
  • 25 LBCs
  • 25 Calf Raises
Repeat until we totaled 100
Mosey to the Track
1 PAX sprint 100 yards, then plank. Remaining PAX performed following until finished then catch up:
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Rosalitas
  • American Hammer
  • Freddie Mercury
Once a lap is finished, PAX box jumped and tricep dip up 10 steps
Rinse and repeat


I recently was able to spend time with my father on a golf vacation. To those dads, to-be dads, or who still have dads, thank one today for the impact on your life.


Grow School with Knoxville on 6/23/18 at the Landfill.