Better late than…

QIC: Best In Show
Date: 8/6/18
PAX: Early Bird, Journey, The Count, Threeskin, Oscar, Sidekick, Whittler, Wort
AO: Beast Ridge


low 70’s, lots of dew….

The Disclaimer

clearly stated and understood; I am not a professional, you are here if your own free will. Let’s get better.


SSH X 15
Kick Squat- gave up on this one (should have practiced it)
Mtn Climber x 15
SSH X 15
Fire Hydrants w/hold x 10
St Bernard Squat x 10 (killer!)
SSH x 15
Smashing Pumpkin x 12
Plank 15 count
LBAC x15
Shoulder press x15
Imperial Walker x15
SSH x15

The Thang

Little mosey to the stadium steps and then;
10 Incline Merkins
10 step ups each leg
10 Decline Merkins
Rinse and repeat x3
Then a short jaunt to the lone hill for a date with Dora;
Partnered up and
100 squats
100 planks jacks
100 Saint Bernard Squats (lots of conversation about the quads at this point)
oh, the hill run section was alternated with Bernie Sanders!
Back to the flag for a date with Mary
LBC x12
American Hammerx12
Flutter Kicks (led by another pax, lost count but it was a stupid amount, like 25)
sidekick introduced us to the “iron cross”, partner an exercise, look for this at a Q near you soon


“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started”
We all started coming to F3 for a reason, why do you come to the gloom? Fitness? Fellowship? Faith?
There are 3 f’s for a reason IMO. Regardless of your reason, remember why and come back again.