Star Hill

QIC: Free Candy
Date: 08/28/2018
Back pew, Cable cutter, Candu, Care Bear, Early Bird, Fissure, Flemish, Kodak, Laces Out, Moondance, Ohms, Prosciutto, Ringwald, Sundance, Sunshine, Threeskin, VSquared, Whittler, Wort
AO: Hill City


A cool morning on the brink of Fall.

The Disclaimer

This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout.
I am not a professional.
I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations.
It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to.
Do not get hurt.
But if you do we will carry you to your car if necessary.


mosey to great hall

-20 side straddle hops
-10 Merkins
-13 high knees
-15 side straddle hops
-13 wide knees
-Annie’s (hold plank and rotate free arm in a circular motion. Eventually switch arms)
-on your six! Febreeze’s:
-5 big boy sit-ups SINGLE COUNT and remain upright on last one. Lift feet 6” above ground
-15 count of forward arm circles
-5 big boy sit-ups
-15 air arm presses
-5 big boy sit-ups.
-15 count of backward arm circles
-10 side straddle hops

The Thang

Enjoyed some free candy on our favorite hill. No such thing as free candy though, you have to work for it!

-Go grab rocks from by the river. Number of rocks is # of us / 2
-stand in circle at shoulder distance from each other with backs facing in
-when I say go, we pass the rocks to the right with a overhead press once you get the rock. It will be a 4 count in cadence. and I will demo how it will go.
-reverse direction and shove them straight out
-reverse direction again and do curls
-Mosey to mount mira whatever it’s called carrying the rocks.
-split into teams of 2
-starbursts placed in bowl at top left.
-one partner runs up hill from bottom right corner while the other stays and does:
-big boy sit-ups with the rock or
-full arm curls with rock or
-on your six lay on back and do overhead rock presses
-competition will be to see how many starbursts your team can get before I say time is up or we run out
-1/per every time someone goes up.
BONUS is if you Burnie sanders up the hill you earn (3)
-have teams give me their totals:
-Top team(s) have immunity from carrying the rocks back.
-bottom team(s) have to go up top to get the bowl but also get to pick exercises for everyone else (including the top team) to do while they wait for them to get back.
Back to the Rhino to perform some Mary exercises to finish out the workout.


I’m turning 28 next month. When I was maybe 11, 12 years old I watched porn for the first time, and ever since then, I never stopped. I couldn’t stop. I needed it and I craved it and it had me.
It satisfied me when I was feeling down on myself.
It satisfied me when I was feeling on top of the world.
It satisfied me when I felt rejected.
It satisfied me when i rebelled against my parents.
It satisfied me when I lacked a sense of belonging.
It satisfied me when I felt angry.
It satisfied me when I felt like I was losing control in life.
It satisfied me when I felt guilty and shameful.
It satisfied me during finals weeks.
It satisfied me when women didn’t fit my standards.
That is…until October of last year. That’s when I began to learn a whole new definition of satisfaction. You see, satisfaction to me became more of a biblical satisfaction. A spiritual alignment with what God says is holy. Not what I say is good. Something that lasts and won’t come back to haunt me later that day. Something that has no shame. Has no guilt. Has no fear. Something I didn’t have to hide.
This has been just 1% of the lessons I have learned over the past year. But it stared with identifying that 1) I had an issue 2)I needed help and 3) the only way out was truth.
But I am here today #1 because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ extended the hand of grace to me, had and still has, an immense desire to rid the sexual sin and porn out of my life. And he wants the same for each one of you too. Porn is not something that you can suppress, not something you can permanently hide, and not something that will get you where you want to be in life. It will grow stronger, it will get out of control, and it will affect you in other parts of your life without you realizing it.
So if any of you can resonate with any of what I said, I am open to talking and will do so in complete privacy. Send me a PM on slack. You don’t have to be alone in this.
I also want to give a shout out to my friends I knew before F3 who are here today supporting me in all aspects of my life.


Kodak shed a tear when he saw the Starbursts at the top of the hill. Or it was sweat. Really not sure. Either way, it was a kodak moment.
Wort left the workout early and I think I saw him taking a swim in the river a little later on.


City collab workout happening on Monday, Labor Day at the park by the lake and 153.

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