The FAB 5


QIC: Sidekick
Date: 08/29/2018
PAX: Fast Lane, Journey, Oscar, Threeskin
AO: Beast Ridge


72 Degrees and humid, there was a cool breeze at one point

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional. Modify where necessary.  Do not hurt yourself, but if you do, we will assist you.  You are here of your own choice and we are glad for it.


SSH ICX15, Mericans ICX15, Good Morning ICX10, St. Bernard Squats ICX12, Baby Arm Circles – Forward, reverse ICX15 each, Shoulder press ICX20, SSH ICX15, Long Mosey through the big lot around to the soccer/football/rugby/whatever else field.

The Thang

The Fab 5 was born because there were 5 of us.  go figure.  Wanted some mutual accountability but odd numbers eliminates partners.  No one sweats alone
The FAB 5 consists of 5 PAX performing an exercise in a stationary location.  In our case this was the cement bleachers on one side of the field and eventually, the metal bench on the other side of the field.  Upon the command of Exercise, the first PAX will run across the field to the bench and begin the exercise while the other 4 PAX perform the exercise on the cement bleachers.  Upon arrival, the running PAX gives an audible AYE! This prompts the second PAX to run to the other side as well.  This process is repeated until all 5 PAX are at the metal bench.  At this point the exercise is complete.
The first exercise was Irkans.  The return trip was dips.  The thrid leg was left leg step ups with a return trip of right leg step ups.  The fifth leg was shoulder presses with a return trip of squats.
By this time we had 12 minutes left so we embarked for 12 MOM.  But this is FAB 5 12 MOM.  We moseyed to the far corner of the field where the hill resides.  Fab 5 MOM involves a PAX calling an exercise with the other 4 PAX assuming ready position.  On Exercise the first PAX runs up the hill while the others do their repititions.  When the running PAX reaches the top of the hill, he calls one of his brothers who gets up and runs the hill.  The first PAX assumes the position and starts the reps.  This continues until all PAX are at the top of the hill.  We all go back down the hill and a new PAX starts the process over again.
Exercises in 12 MOM were
Plank, Hello Dolly, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, and Flutter Kicks
Mosey to Flag for COT


Talked about some of the great stories being relayed in the recent BB.  Talked about Free Candy and his experience and discussed how we can all be support systems for others going through a multitude of trying times.


Nothing super interesting about the workout today.  We all sweated.. alot


Convergence on Monday 9/3 at the Damn Park

Upcoming Qs

Convergence on 9/3, Beast Ridge back in action Wednesday 9/5 for Whittler