What 1 Year of F3 Has Taught Me

QIC: Picasso
Date: 10/09/2018
PAX: Ohms, Ringwald, Laces Out, Early Bird, Care Bear, VSquared, Free Candy, The Count, Fabio, Moondance, Candu, Gamecock, Flemish, Steam Engine, Two By, Freefall, Deep End, FNG (Unknown)
AO: Hill City (Renaissance Park)

Conditions: 70 deg. F

I am not a professional, but I am wiser than I was a year ago. Here is some advice, choose to listen to it or not.

Great Hall
– SSH x 20 IC
– Chinooks x 15 IC
– Arm Circles x 15 IC
– Reverse Arm Circles x 15 IC
– Moroccan Night Club x 15 IC
– Merkins x 15 IC
– Squats x 15 IC
– High Knees x 15 IC
– Wide High Knees x 15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
– LBC x 15 IC
– Burpees x 10 OYO
Circuit #1 (Track 1 – Mt. Midoriyama)
Start out in front of Mt. Midoriyama
Step 1: Run a lap around Mt. Midoriyama
Step 2: Bear Crawl Up Mt. Midoriyama
Step 3: Merkins x 10 At Top
Step 4: Run Down Mt. Midoriyama
Step 5: LBC x 10
Step 6: Sprint up and down Mt. Midoriyama
Rinse and Repeat all Steps x 3
Circuit #2 (Track 2 – Swampy Steps)
Start at the bottom of the Concrete Stairs (where the swamp thang lives)
Step 1: Box Jump to the top of the Concrete Stairway
Step 2: Run a lap around Mt. Midoriyama
Step 3: Sprint up and down Mt. Midoriyama
Step 4: Dips x 10
– X’s & O’s
– Flutter Kicks x 25 IC


What 1 Year of F3 Has Taught Me.
A lot these items below are true elsewhere but certainly apply to F3. The items are also not the extensive list on lessons learned from a year of F3.

  1. Waking up early is the hardest part, but I’ve never regretted it
  2. Exercise definitely makes me a better person
  3. Diversity is always better than Inclusivity
  4. Your body is only as strong as your mind….most of the time
  5. Sharing a goal with a common group of people builds a solid network
  6. Solidarity can be good, loneliness is not
  7. It’s always better to have a plan and it change than to have no plan at all.
  8. It is really hard to keep a routine, but it helps if the burden of the routine is minimized
  9. Things are not always perfect…and that is ok
  10. Splashing merlot, like farting during Flutter kicks, is always funny