Big WILLY Style


QIC: Ringwald
Date: 10/25/2018
PAX: Blackhat, Candu, Laces Out, Nelson, Ohms, Picasso, Protractor, Sunshine, Threeskin, VSquared
AO: Hill City


Pleasant to some, cold to me, but I’m normal.

The Disclaimer

Delivered with authority.


Indian Run around the grass area of Coolidge Park on the east side of the walking bridge for one lap.
Windmill X 10 IC
Slow Count Good Mornings X 10 IC
Side Jacks X 15 IC
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC
Indian Run around the circular path in Coolidge Park on the west side of the walking bridge for one lap. Threw in some ass kickers and high knees.
Seal Claps Forward X 10 IC
Seal Claps Upward X 10 IC
Cherry Pickers X 15 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs X 15 IC
Shoulder Press X 15 IC
Mosey to the beginning of the walking bridge.

The Thang

Moseyed south on the walking bridge with various stops and funtivities to perform.
Worst Merkin Ever – 15 OYO
Intense Imperial Walkers – 20 each leg OYO
Lunges – 20 each leg OYO
LBCs – 20 IC
xYs – 20 IC
Moseyed back north on the walking bridge and spelled WILLY again.
Worst Merkin Ever – 5 OYO
Intense Imperial Walkers – 10 each leg OYO
Lunges – 10 each leg OYO
LBCs – 20 IC
xYs – 15 IC
American Hammer
Freddie Mercury
5 burpee penalty (no flag)


At my recent leadership conference for work….there are two types of people, those that take energy, and those that create energy. Those that create energy become leaders, those that take energy become followers. Create the energy necessary for those around you to see your leadership in everything that you do.


The GPS Trace on Strava looked rather unusual this morning. YHC felt like an idiot for making the group do penalty burpees while the flag was nestled in his Jeep the whole time (I forgot, I’m human).



Upcoming Qs

Saturday – 10/27/18 – Landfill – Rug Doctor VQ!
Monday – 10/29/18 – Beast Ridge – Stairmaster
Tuesday – 10/30/18 – Hill City – Deep End VQ!
Tuesday – 10/30/18 – The Huey – Geek Squad
Wednesday – 10/31/18 – Lions Den – Ringwald