Trick or Treat, Running hurts me feet, but we have the Gloom to beat


QIC: Sidekick
Date: 10/31/2018
PAX: Early Bird, Fast Lane, Gisele, Outcast, Peanuts
AO: Beast Ridge


54 degrees and cloudy

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I am not a professional.  Modify where necessary.


1 minute of individual stretching, SSH IC X20, Good mornings IC X10, Right foot over left Good mornings ICX5, Left Foot over right Good Mornings IC X5, Third Grade Exercises IC X10, Plank/ Merican cycle, down and hold plank on up X10

The Thang

Today we ran the nature track.  I had a baby Halloween bucket full of tricks and treats for the trip.  We stopped 5 times over our 2.4 mile run to draw some tricks from the bucket and follow the instructions.  The tricks were as follows:
Dying Cockroach IC X15
Box Cutters IC X5
Flutter Kicks IC X20
American Hammer ICX15
30 second Plank
25 Mericans OYO
10 Burpees OYO
Baby Arm Circles – Reverse – Cherry Pickers – Shoulder Press – IC X10 each
Carolina Dry docks IC X15
Squats IC X15
Mountain Climbers IC X15
Shoulder Taps IC X15


Be safe on Halloween and enjoy the time with the kids


Guys did a great job today pushing through.  Had some good mumble chatter and random thoughts on the run.


The Count Double Respect Q this weekend 
Cleveland Launch on 11/17

Upcoming Qs

Vila on Monday