The Deck of Death

Date:  11/26/2018

QIC:  Lugnut
PAX: Mr. Clean, The Count, Poacher, Geek Squad, Ducktales, Picasso
AO:  The Huey
Conditions: cool, but not freezing
Disclaimer: Disclaimer shared
WARM UP:  Mosey and brief round of exercises. Gotta get down to business and attemp to finish the deck.
Deck of Death: Using A the F3 deck of 54 cards, we worked through 30 minutes of reps/exercises as instructed on the card drawn.  If a low number card was drawn, reps of 10 + the card number were performed. If a face card drawn, it was 20 reps. There were 1 lap Moseys around the track as part of the Thang as directed by the cards.

No Marys today, good beat down “in the cards.”

COT:  short and sweet, Lugnut is a man of few words!  Prayers and Praises for those heard and unheard.