Ring Around the Mosie

QIC: Free Candy
Date: 01/22/2019
PAX: Back Pew, Best in Show, Carebear, Cowbell, Dirk, Fabio, Falco, Harry Carey, Iron Butt, Ringwald, Roadhouse, Skitch, Sunburn, Sunshine, VSquared, Venus
AO: Hill City


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The Disclaimer

I am not a profession although I wish I was. If you are injured we will drive your car to you or walk you to your car. Modify if necessary.


Mosey to the scenic route along the river to the great hall.
x20 IC SSH
x15 IC Back-and-feet-against-wall arm flaps
x15 IC Back-and-feet-against-wall invisible ladder climbs
x25 IC Wall Sit
x20 IC SSH
x15 IC Mountain Climbers
x10 IC Merkins
x10 IC Pickle Pounders
x20 IC Knee Huggers (stand facing the slanted wall, lift one foot up as high as you can and let it fall into the wall, slowly kick off the wall. Alternate feet every time. Keep your arms to your sides and do not use them to push you up).
x20 IC SSH’s
x8 Lay-on-your-stomach-sprawled-out and reach back and across with one arm.
x8 Repeat above, but switch arms.

The Thang

Mosey to the grass in the middle of the sidewalk circle in the park (I will have had a rock pre-placed here).
Read outloud:
Everyone stand in your groups. There are 6 stations set up around this circle. At each stage you will perform the exercise listed on the sheet of paper located there. You will not need to keep count of your reps because one of the stages has a way of doing that for all of us. *points to direction of stage*.
When you arrive at that stage, you will be instructed to count to 5. Then you and your team will ring a bucket and begin sprinting, not jogging, down the sidewalk under the bridge, to the left, and until you get to the blue trashcan. Once you reach the trash can, turn around and come back. When you get back, the last person back rings the bucket. That second bucket ringing will signify to everyone that we all need to rotate stations counter clock wise.
1. The Stage
Get up onto the stage any way you can and then stand up. Go back down any way you want.
Options: Jump up or step up.
Modified: Hold a plank on the stage.
2. Benches by the stage
Incline merkins.
3. The Sprint
Have someone count to 5, then ring the bucket and immediately begin sprinting down the sidewalk, and around to the left. Turn around when you get to the blue trashcan and when you get back, the last person must ring the bucket.
4. Circle of Benches.
On any of the benches in the circle, alternate legs and do a step up, kicking the opposite knee up in the air.
5. Fountain Fun.
Each of you do a shuffle in a figure 8 around two statues. Do not overlap with each other’s statues.
6. Light abs.
After one rotation of all the stages, bear crawl to center of the field. 10 count rest.
There will be one large rock. We will form a line, shoulder-to-shoulder, then lay on our backs and perform big boy situps in cadence. Every time we go down the rock will transfer, going from one end to the other and back. the “1..2..3..” count is done while everyone is on their backs. Do this until it gets to the end.
Bernie Sanders back to the station you were just at. This time we are going around the circle in the reverse direction.
When the second rotation was almost finished I instructed everyone to run to the center of the circle in the grass again.
Perform a pass-the-high-five circle. Everyone planks in a circle and you pass a high five. After one rounds of this, the high fives start on opposite ends of the circle. If you’re the person it catches up to, you have to do 3 burpees and it ends. Except….we even had to add a third and it never overlapped. So props to everyone for that. 1 burpee was given to everyone anyway 🙂


Fact: Not everyone that fails is a failure.
Fact: everyone fails and all of your friends and family have lives marked by failing.
Fact: we have bad associations with the word failure.
It can bring us to feel immense shame, like we are never going to be good enough for even ourselves. How many times do you tell yourself you’re going to stop doing something bad that’s in your life? Each time you swear you never want to and never will do it again. Then what do you do? You fail again. And you begin to believe a lie: that you’re not good enough to even do what you’ve said to yourself. And you believe that if you can fail yourself that easily that you’ll fail others too. And that brings you to feel deep shame.
But what if we could flip that around and when we fail we get back up, we talk to a friend, a spouse, someone in a men’s group, and we bring it to light. We admit that this single instance of failing does not make us failures. What does make you a failure is if you stop trying to learn from failing. Because everyone does it. But where it matters the most, are you bolstering up your defenses? Are you taking that situation and weakness you had as wisdom for the next time you’re in similar circumstances?
I hope that you can. I hope that you can give yourself more grace today when you let others down and when you let yourself down. I hope that that resolution you gave yourself to be more active this year doesn’t get squandered because you missed a workout or two and it’s still January. I hope for you all today that you can, with the help of others or God, and never on your own, stand back up, shake it off with wisdom and grace for yourself, and keep going. When you fail it’s not a point of no return that should leave you hopeless looking forward. You should be hopeful and forgive yourself without claiming the name of being a failure. Because you are loved and you have a hope and a future. Regardless of your past or present mistakes.


A few people including V^2 and Venus thought began the sprint but thought the trash can they had to run to was on the south side. Some say they’re still running today.


Ringwalds Q is on Saturday where he is giving a rendition of his first workout he ever led (or was it attended?)

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