Spring Training Rounders

QIC: Sunshine
Date: 03/19/2019
PAX: Skitch, Wort, Sidekick, Roadhouse, Iron Butt, Goose, She Shed, Threeskin, Hobo, Jabooti
AO: Hill City


Cold and dry at 36 degrees.

The Disclaimer


Great Hall

  • Side Straddle Hop x20 in cadence
  • Air Jump rope x20 in cadence
  • Little baby arm circles x15 in cadence
  • Cross body arm circles x10 in cadence x2
  • Willie Mays Hays x10
  • Cotton pickers x10
  • Plank x10 in cadence
  • Shoulder taps x10 in cadence
  • Mountain climbers x20 in cadence
  • Side straddle hops x15 in cadence

The Thang

Spring Training Rounders (Coolidge Park grass):

3 groups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, nobody at home); 9 exercises starting at three reps, accumulating by 3 for nine rounds, doing every exercise three times at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, with a run between bases (and 3rd all the way to 1st).

  • 3  – burpees
  • 6 – squats
  • 9 – merkins
  • 12 – jump squats
  • 15 – pike merkins
  • 18 – forward lunges
  • 21 – American hammer
  • 24 – flutter kicks
  • 27 – LBCs

Double header!


(Adapted from source)

Focus on the positive.

Most of us have a natural inclination to focus on others’ criticism of us, rather than their praise. Criticism has more impact than praise. It hits harder, digs deeper, and lasts longer in our minds and hearts.

However, we can overcome this inclination by conditioning ourselves to take praise more personally than criticism. The next time someone compliments you or your work, don’t downplay or shrug off what they say; let it sink in. Believe what they say and express your appreciation to them for acknowledging your awesomeness. Challenge yourself to simply say “Thank you!” whenever you receive praise.

Inversely, when someone criticizes you, either view it as an extension of that person’s own insecurity (if given maliciously) or acknowledge it and view it as an opportunity for potential improvement (if given constructively).


This workout featured the return of Wort. After an extended absence, he still kicked ass even if he needed a few extra breathers. Running between bases was our rest, which Hobo certainly appreciated during his 10-count.


3/30 convergence – Ooltewah, Veterans Memorial Park. 0700