Corn in the USA by the “Boss” aka Sidekick

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 05/07/2019

PAX: Peanuts, Iron Butt, VSquared, Ducktales, The Count, Whoopi, Ascot, Candu, Wuznt me

AO: Boneyard


58 and Perfecto


SSH ICX20; Mercans ICX15; Forward Fold ICX12; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; Slow Squats ICX15; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; Slow Mercans ICX10; Burpee Bus X5; Little baby Arm Circles ICX12; Reverse ICX12; Morrocan Night Club ICX12

The Thang

Corn to Run

This is from our Black Ops in Collegedale.

Formed 3 teams of 3, one team had 4.  PAX #1 ran a lap around the Rec Center, PAX #2 lunged with the corn with the ultimate path of a lap around the Rec Center, PAX#3 knocked out 10 Mercans then mosey up to the Corn Lunger and Lunge with him, PAX #4 has 15 squats then mosey up to the corn lunger and lunge with him.

When PAX#1 completes his lap, he falls in line and knocks out his Mercans (or Squats for team with 4), PAX #3 takes the corn and lunges, PAX #2 hands off the corn and runs his lap.  

This continues until an entire lap around the Rec Center has been corn lunged.  Good Times

Once Complete we moved on to stage 2 of Corn in the USA

MeriCORN Challenge

2 PAX on the sidewalk with a partner.  Assume Mercan position.  Assisting PAX steadies the 40 lb bag of corn on your back.  MerCORN to failure.  I got 25.  Ascot stopped because the concrete below his hands complained.  Very impressive group of PAX.

Mosey the corn over to a convenient location.

Stage 3

If you are going to be the “Boss” you need some PIPES.  Pull ups it is

PAX rotate through the pull up bars for 4 reps, then a lap around the baseball field track.  Back for 3 reps, lap.  2 Reps, lap. 1 rep, lap.  Not finished – Pull ups to failure.  I got 5.  Again, Ascot had to stop to make us all feel better about ourselves.

Mosey to Flag for some Sidekick Mary.  LBC ICX15; Hello Dolly ICX15; and I’m spent, plus time is up


Encouraged with the Prayer breakfast attendance.  Laces, Count, Duck and Wuznt me that I know of.  Glad to see the guys active in bettering our community


Not much MC this morning but plenty of encouragement between the PAX on these to Failure challenges.  Enjoyed leading you men this morning


Back for more Sidekick fun at the Lions Den tomorrow

Murph at the Dame on Memorial Day

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