A whipping by wife’s design

QIC: She Shed

Date: 05/28/2019

PAX: Peanuts, Sunburn, VSquared 

AO: Boneyard

A bit humid, not as many burpee buses now that school is out. 


Side Straddle Hop – 25, High Knees – 20, Butt Kicker – 20, Imp walker – 15 count, Side straddle Hop – 25, Forward Fold – 20sec, LB arm circles – 15count, LBAC backward – 15, and Shoulder press – 15

The Thang

4 Station Mile Burner!!
On the track there will be 4 stations with 4 workouts listed at each station. For the first lap around the track you will do exercise #1. For the second lap around the track you will do exercise #1 and exercise #2. Wash rinse and repeat until you get through 4 laps around the track and all four exercises.
Staion#1 – Burpees – 10, Mntn Climbers – 10 each leg, Groiners – 5 each leg, Squat Jumps – 10
Staion#2 – Big Boy Sit Ups – 20, Freddy Mercuries – 20, Shoulder Taps – 10, Hello Dolly – 15
Station#3 – Mericans – 15, Incline Mericans – 15, Carolina Dry Docks – 15, Tricep Dips – 20
Station#4 – Squats – 20, Calf Raises – 25, Lunges – 10 each leg, One Legged Pickle Pointers – 20 each leg.


Keith Jarrett’s  most sold live Jazz album of all time was created during a performance when everything seemed to go wrong before the show and he was very upset with the venue prior to performing. Creativity thrives in times of disruption, discomfort, etc. Don’t be afraid of the disruptions and instead expect these times to drive ingenuity and new experiences.


The Count: Who is Q at Boneyard in AM?
She Shed: That would be me

*The Count didn’t show. Must have been scarred of a good beat down.

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