Picnic Time

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 08/19/2019

PAX: Sidekick, Fastlane, Oooh-Golly, Gooder, Toucan, Mayhem(R), Peanuts, Gaylord

AO: Beast Ridge


Darker than normal. Punch-you-in-the-face humid. Warm enough.


Mosey to back soccer fields/pavilion – during mosey there were some OYO LBACs, military presses etc.

Sshs x 20

Slow merkins x 10 IC

Willie Mays hays x 10 each leg IC

Fire hydrants x 10 each leg IC

Sshs x 15 faster! IC

Carolina dry docks x 10 IC

Imperial walker x 10 each leg IC

Forward fold x 10 IC

Sshs x 10 FASTER! IC

The Thang

Life’s a Picnic
PAX each selected a partner for a little picnic at the pavilion.

Each pair posted up at a picnic table and proceeded to do 3 rounds of:

OYO 5 box jumps onto the picnic table- PAX were encouraged to jump all the way to the top of the table if able. 

OYO 5 reps clean to shoulder level and overhead press with picnic table

After completion, hold picnic table overhead until 6 is in or as long as possible.

Where’s the cone?

PAX then demanded cardio work and Q complied with laps around the soccer field – mosey the long sides of field, jail break the short ends of field. 3 laps. 

After completion, repeat short end of field, alternating mosey and jailbreak until 6 is in.


OYO 10 plank jacks, 10 shoulder taps each arm, 10 Peter Parkers each leg


PAX repeated picnic fun and soccer field laps (2 laps this time)


OYO 10 windmills each side, 10 single leg deadlifts each leg


PAX repeated 1 round each of picnic fun and soccer field, then slow moseyed back to parking area.


Running out of time, so Mary met us at the parking lot for 1 minute of American Hammers and flutter kick burnout.


Credit to Skitch who had a good word a few weeks ago that stuck with me – we each have relationships in our life that require give and take. Sometimes we contribute as much as we feel we should and then wait for the other person to do their part and meet us halfway. Challenge to PAX was to find a relationship in their life where they were expecting their partner to “fill the gap” and instead serve them by giving 100%.


Not much chatter this morning, probably because most PAX were thinking “come on, not another workout where we lift picnic tables over our heads.”

There was good encouragement circulating among the group throughout the fun.

3rd F = Faith that the cone is out there in the gloom somewhere

4th F = Fear that I may not make it to the top of the picnic table on the box jump and crash down to the ground (Mayhem[R], who, to his credit, got back on the horse immediately)


Convergence 9/2 Labor Day at the Beast

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