IronPack it up and go home

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 09/17/2019

PAX: Candu, Ducktales, Free Candy, Ascot, Sunburn (R), VSquared, Lutefisk, Uncle Fester, Wallflower, Sunshine, Sidekick, Cliffhanger

AO: Boneyard


Not too hot, grass conditions were damp and lush. Hints of pumpkin spice wafted through the workout zone. Or maybe a different kind of spice…


Quick warmup – Carry coupons to workout area, quick mosey around field with some upper body work mixed in.

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 5 IC

Squat x 5 IC

Forward fold x 10 IC

Upper body stretch of your choice x 10 IC

SSH x 16 faster IC

Pax split into 2 groups for workout at 2 different pull-up areas


The Thang

IronPax AO #1 for week 3
IronPax week 3

1 round = 

Pull-ups x 10

Burpees with coupon jump-over x 15

Coupon curls x 20

Coupon squat thrusters x 25

Gas pumps (reverse crunches) x 30

AMRAP OYO for 43 minutes


Pax were encouraged to attack their day with the same intensity as the morning workout. We also discussed Count’s word of living each day like 9/12/2001. Unity and encouragement among our brothers and in our communities.


Several gloom horns at pull-up stations led to decreased rep cadence.

2 workout groups within shouting distance made things more interesting.

Uncle Fester and Lutefisk crushed the workout, excited that they represent F3Chatt.

Pax discovered Candu’s high school nickname – “Noodle”. Myriad reasons were proposed for the origin of this. All were totally appropriate.


VQ Cliffhanger at Boneyard Friday

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