Conversational Pace

QIC: Fissure

Date: 10/15/2019

PAX: Threeskin, Ascot, Jazzy Jag, Cliffhanger, The Count, Best in Show, Dirk, Vila, 2-Bit, On Tilt, Iron Butt

AO: Boneyard


Mid 50’s and perfect


25 SSH IC, 25 Mtn climbers IC
20 SSH IC, 20 Mtn climbers IC
15 SSH IC, 15 Mtn climbers IC
10 SSH IC, 10 Mtn climbers IC
5 SSH IC, 5 Mtn climbers IC

The Thang

Mosey lap on track around ball field at conversational pace ending at the gym
20 merkins OYO, 30 squats OYO, 40 flutter-kicks IC
Mosey on track around ball field up to tennis court fence
20 merkins OYO, 30 Bonnie Blairs OYO, 40 LBC IC
Mosey back down to the gym
10 pull-ups, 20 merkins OYO, 30 squats OYO, 40 heel touches IC
Mosey lap around ball field and onto parking lot
20 merkins OYO, lunge walk 20 yds to flag and back, 30 squats OYO, lunge walk to flag and back, ab exercise of choice x 40 IC
Run (not conversational pace) lap on track around ball field to gym
10 pull-ups, 20 merkins OYO, 30 squats OYO, 40 big boi sit-ups + more bbs while pax finished
Mosey to parking lot for 25 SSH IC and 25 mtn climbers IC


Sunburn needed a q for this date and I selfishly volunteered.  Today is the anniversary of my dad’s passing from Leukemia in 2012 and there’s not many better ways to start a day, or take your mind off of stressful or sad things, than by leading a F3 workout (in my humble opinion).  I wish my boys could’ve known my dad and learned from him.  I certainly miss him and his counsel, but I’m so thankful for F3 and the relationships formed that have filled that void.


Ascot sounds just like his pops


F3 Dads – 10/19/19 @ Landfill 0700

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