Bozza: Trepelle al Discarica

QIC: Threeskin

Date: 11/09/2019

PAX: Dolly, Fissure, Fly By, Money Ball, Iron Butt, Steam Engine, Sunburn, Friar Tuck, Uncle Fester, Whittler, She Shed, Venus 

AO: Landfill


Cold, and stinky… yep, that sums it up.


  • SSH
  • Arm circles
  • SSH 
  • Merkins
  • Tea pots 
  • Good Mornings 
  • Willie Mays Hays left
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Group Effort

1 –  run length and back – the timer
2 – lunge 10 out and back
3 – broad jump 5 out and back
4 – plank if 4 – everyone joins the plank square then…
Team push ups – everyone gets 2 rounds
Bring in the six

Pick your poison on the hill: 4 rounds
Bernie up – 5 Burpees
Run up – 10 Burpees

1 –  run length and back – the timer – block thrusters 10
Everyone Else – the plank square then, man climbers, SSH, Squats in rotation…
Team push ups – everyone gets 2 rounds

Mosey – play ground – do the math for how many rounds

  • plank to pike
  • Swing stretch 
  • Good mornings. 
  • Willie Mays Hays 


What did you like better? The team exercises or the individual one?
The experiences we in the gloom can apply to real life. Sometimes, we all need someone to lean on. When you are going through something difficult it helps to have other lighten your load. In the gloom, we drop our egos, we drop our names… You don’t have to tell someone everything to get help. If you need to talk, get your mind off everything, just reach out. I can guarantee you will find someone.


First time I’ve ever called a “poop” audible

Doing the team pushup was hard to explain and harder to do.

Sunburn started hating me about 20 minutes in, maybe okay with me in the COT.

Ellie just wants to run, and run, and join other groups that want to run. What do you feed her fly-by? whew…


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