H.I.B.D. – Take III – Hill City

QIC:  The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 07/09/2020
PAX: Cow Bell, Curfew, Flop, Go Kart, Oil Can, Red Tees, Rodeo, Skitch, Sunscreen, Sunshine, Uncle Fester, White Glove, Xena
AO: Hill City


74 Degrees and Humid


That was easy….Mosey from P/L to Great Hall to pick out a coupon by the rivers edge!

The Thang

High Intensity w/coupons
Concept is easy, the execution can be breathtaking (literally).  10 Exercises per round, 20 Reps per exercise.  Run a lap after each round of about .17 mile.  Rinse and Repeat as many rounds as you can accomplish in 40 minutes.  (C) means use coupon.
Burpees – Curls (C) – Imperial Walkers – Tricep Ext (C) – Plank Jacks – Squats (C) – Mountain Climbers – Lunges (C) – SSH – Flutter Kicks (C)
14 Total PAX completed – 1440 Burpees and 12,980 total reps.  Also, in all completed 9.89 Miles running along the water!  Not bad and only 1 Respect Respect!


Same as day before:  After countarama and namarama, I spoke about unplugging from all the reports that are out there.  Take the time to see for yourself what’s going on in our own community.  Be a role model by showing good Character and Ethics.  Pay it forward by helping someone less fortunate then you.
Prayer and Praise Requests for our F3 Brothers.


No real time to chit chat and mumble chatter….Breathing toooooooo Hard!!