We Wrecked The Battery

QIC:  WreckedEm

Date: 07/14/2020

PAX: Clothespin, 9Volt, Thin Mint, Ms. Baker, Mayhem, D-Fib, Abercrombie, Deep Dish, Coldplay

AO: The Battery


Warm summer morning


Mosey around the greenway to parking lot. SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, 3rd Grade Exercise, Forward fold, left over right, right over left, LBAC forward in back. All in cadence. Mosey to the hill.

The Thang

BrokeBack Burpees – partner up and one partner Bernies up the hill then mosies back down while the other does AMRAP burpees. Then trade positions and continue until the pair get to 100 burpees.

4 Corners of the Tennis Court

At each corner do: Merkins, LBC’s, Imperial Walkers, Squats. Run to the next corner. At the end of each round shuttle run the lines on the court starting on the fence.

1st round: 10 reps each exercise 2nd round: 20 reps each exercise


Servant leadership and leading when you’re not in charge. Find ways to help those who you lead and find ways to influence those who lead you. This can apply to the household, the workplace, or any team you are a part of.


Bernieing up a hill is hard


Pray for Clothespin’s family and health, Lutefisk’s daughter Vera Hope. Funds raised over $4500 for their family.

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