You Really Like Tammy, Don’t You

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 10/12/2020

PAX: Flute, Backfire, Back Pew, FNG-Monica, Money Ball, Goose, Teflon, Glee

AO: Lions Den


Ah, that, wonderful cool, crisp, Fall air….was NOT in the air this morning. 71 degrees, according to the “Den Clock Thermometer”, very humid.


SSH x20 IC

Forward Fold OYO

Willie Mays Hays x12 IC

The Thang

10 Thrusters

Ascend Bleachers doing a Rifle Carry

1 Curl

Descend Bleachers

Rinse and Repeat until 1 Thruster and 10 Curls

Mosey to track. Complete Tammy Wynette’s. One partner completes Leg Raises while other partner completes Squats. Half way around the track, partners switch and complete opposite exercise. Finished with 50 of each exercise.

Rounding out my honoring of Eddie Van Halen, Pax complete Bent Over Rows to the song “Right Now”. Pax held block in up position until “Right Now”. Down and up each time “Right Now” is said.

So often my COT’s center around my faith and my faith in Christ. Today, however, YHC chose to spotlight a very important Pax to F3 Chattanooga: MoneyBall. His humility, hard work, and passion for people truly help F3 Chattanooga continue to thrive. Much more was said, but let’s just leave it at this: a big thanks to MB for all he does for us.



“Wait, we don’t have to rifle carry going back down?”

So, you’re telling me we have to do 10 laps..

“Hey, at least it’s not as confusing as a Burrito Q. Remember that time, he tried to make fun of Back Pew’s Q?”

“Clean, you really do like this exercise, don’t you?”


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