Wrestling May Not Work on Zoom, But a Rubric Will Always Guide You Home

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 10/15/2020

PAX: Prosciutto, Old School (Respect), Red Raider, Holy Kiss, Ashly Madison, Jorts, Shank

AO: Smackdown


A beautiful morn dimly lit with a 3% waning crescent hint of illumination. Temperature held its consistency at 59 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale for the duration of the hour (that is a solid 15 Celsius for those who like to keep tabs on the centigrade scale…it remains 15 Celsius even for those who do not keep tabs. That is the nature of temperature; it is verifiable whether one is interested or not). Wind listed upon our faces from the SW at 3mph. Wind, however, is less exact of a science than thermometry, what with the existence of gusts and such. Old School (Respect) suggested the wind was coming in through the gloom at 5mph, possibly 4.5. Humidity was 80%, solid B-, but it’s not about the grade. It’s really whether or not the humidity did its best. Dew Point at 53 degrees, which must explain the mild moisture on the six during LBCs. Not too wet, not too dry; like a good bowl of porridge, just right. Barometric pressure came in at 29.95 in, which made a 35lb block feel like 35.8574lbs. UV Index at 0. One truly has to hand it to the UV Index showing up and literally not providing a single ounce of ultraviolet radiation. If there is a Sad Clown out there, who in the deepest recesses of their heart wants to get better yet the fear of sunburn is holding them back, then F3 is for them. It remains an integral part of the F3 evangelistic mission to encourage others to get better and what better way to make that happen than look awkwardly into another man’s eye and say, “If you come out to the gloom, I promise you, it is impossible to get a sunburn.” If we cannot stay safe from the sun, then what do we have? Men, what do we have? (whisper). But really, it’s not a cult. Visibility for Hamilton County was at a solid 10 miles. This was surprising as we could see Polaris, which is a good 433 lightyears away (one lightyear=5.88 trillion miles). So, YHC is no optometrist, but possibly the one in charge of recording Hamilton county visibility data needs contacts. But, we are on the mountain (ridge), after all. In sum, it felt great this morning.


SSH (IC), Willy Mays Hays (IC), Silent Forward Fold (IC), 348 meter mosey lap around the track

The Thang

The Ladder: Ten Rounds to Climb Up, One Round to Get Down; It truly is faster to count down.

Ladder Rungs 5 Merkins, 10 Overhead Press, 15 BBSUs, 20 Shoulder Taps, 25 Curls, 30 Mountain Climbers, 35 Monkey Humpers, 40 SSH, 45 LBCs, 50 Squats

Climb a rung and then run across field and back to start back up the ladder adding an exercise each round. After Round 5 head to bleachers for Dips (15 IC) and resume ladder. After Round 10 upon completion of ladder head to bleachers for more Dips (15IC). Final Round is going down the Ladder beginning with 50 Squats down to 5 Merkins


Psalm 90:12 – Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. The span of our life is set, although we do not know what that set time may be. Therefore, let us live each present day in light of that day and seek to gain wisdom from above. Wisdom (from a Bible perspective) is the skill or ability to live in God’s world according to God’s way. He promises to grant it to those who ask. And recognizing the fleeting nature of time, it serves us well to gain a heart of wisdom each day.


The Gloom is a place where one can go to enjoy the existential betterment of body and mind. Like life’s circumstances, not everything learned among men early in the morning is easy to receive. The gloom is no place for the solipsistic; there is a world beyond the self, and it is not always pretty. Ample time was directed to the harsh realities around us as seasons come and seasons go. And how the changing seasons affect the Snowman. Guys, summers are not good toward the formations of the wintry mix. The next time you step in a puddle, the next time you see a lone carrot glistening in the grass, the next time you see a random button nose, ask yourself, “where have the child’s dreams gone? what has become of what once stood honorably in this place?” Does not the demise of the snowman at the season’s shift call forth the words of Ozymandias for all to hear? Also, a rubric, that established mode of conduct or procedure, yea, one might even dare to say protocol, helps to guide the PAX. Any workout directed by rubric and abacus when the sun dial strikes 5:15am is sure to instill courage and chivalry among those that arose for such a time as this.

The Word of the Day: Totis Viribus: an English adverbial phrase of Latin origin meaning, with all one’s might. I think it is safe to say that the PAX sauntered into the gloom with strength and determination to give it there all; to strive totis viribus. For the linguistic soft spot that resides in all, this word is an ablative of manner.


Continuing to look for Prosciutto’s wedding ring. If anyone finds it, please return.

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