“Misery” loves “Company”

QIC:  Gretel

Date: [09/17/2021]

PAX: Brainfart, Castaway, Pebbles, Red Tees, Rodeo, Scholar, Sunburn, The Count, V Squared

AO: Boneyard


cool and dry




3rd grade exercise

mt. climbers

LBAC forward/backwards


mosey to the exercise equipment area

The Thang

QIC brought his sandbags, a 60# and an 80#. 2 PAX would do a number of reps with the sandbags while the other PAX did AMRAP of other denoted exercises

Round 1:

Sandbag tosses over the shoulder: 30 reps if you have the 80#, 50 reps if you have the 60#

Other PAX completing AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 dips, 15 air squats circuit

Round 2:

20 yard sandbag carry with 3 burpees over the bag at each end – 3 total carries, 9 burpees

Other PAX completing AMRAP flutter kicks and pickle pointers to failure

Round 3:

Divide PAX into teams of 5, get the sandbags back to the flag by picking up and tossing them in whatever fashion you choose


Do you have fitness goals? I have been very goal oriented this year with my fitness. I think we should be very specific with our goals, even to the point of writing them down for affirmation and accountability. I want to be able to complete 20 consecutive strict pullups and run 5 miles in 40 minutes. To accomplish this I have to be very specific with all aspects of my fitness. Working out is a given, but I also have to manage what I put in my body and plan for rest and recovery.

Are you seeing the results you want from your hard work in the Gloom? What is holding you back from your fitness goals? Is it your Queen? Maybe its poor form or maybe you’re not “pushing yourself”. Are you getting enough sleep, rest, and recovery? These are all things that can derail your progress.


One PAX said the sandbags should have names, and he had suggestions, just a little too colorful for regular usage. After hearing some old Metallica songs later that day, YHC decided the 80# should be “Misery” and the 60# named “Company”

50 tosses over the shoulder with “Misery” is too many

A civilian came in around 0545 to use the outdoor workout equipment and of course the PAX chatted him up and offered to let him join us. He appeared to be doing things along with us for a few minutes but disappeared I think after watching the sandbag work.

Pebbles bends but does not break under the weight of the 80# bag.

YHC is still sore 3 days later


Chubby’s on Mondays ongoing

quarterly Habitat project ongoing

Rucking has been getting at least 1 weekend event going every month now for a few months in a row, check out #rucking channel if you’re interested, we always have extra bags and weights to loan out for first-timers

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