Anvil Backblast: HIM and The Holy Grail

QIC:  Choo Choo

Date: 10/25/21

PAX: threeskin, Tatonka

AO: Anvil

October 25, 1415, King Henry V and his army defeated the French in the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years War. We ran a Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed workout to commemorate this date.


63 F, wind light and variable, freshly cut field with standard AM dew, hostile bunny target-rich environment


SSH X 20


Willie Mays x 10

LBAC x 10

The Thang

Thang 1, Coconut Mosey/Inclined Bear Crawls/Burpees/Lunges

Mosey 200 yards using coconuts to make galloping rhythm to travel as merry HIMs to sneak up on our swift lagomorph adversary. 1 x HIM Bear Crawled up the Hill for recon on the killer rabbit, the other 2 x HIM provided “cover” by doing Burpees awaiting safe return of the recon HIM. Each HIM got 2 x uphill BearCrawls with the other two providing cover by doing burpees on set 1 and lunges on set 2. Mosey 200 yards to starting point using coconuts. Picked up our blocks.

Thang 2, Murder Bunny/Rifle Carry/Archer Mercans

Launched out as a 3-ship of HIMs armed with our blocks to rain hate on some lagomorphs. Murder bunnied out 40 yards as a 3-ship, returned to start via Rifle Carry. Ended each set with 3 x hard count Archer Mercans. Our HIM 3-ship executed 3 and only 3, nay 2 nor 4 – we were allowed to counteth only to 3 sets for Thang 2.

Thang 3, European Swallow vs African Swallow and a Coconut

2 x 25 reps of ALPOs (block simulated our coconut) to scientifically prove that a European swallow could indeed migrate with a coconut from a tropical to temperate climate. Case closed.

Thang 4, Pass the Black Knight via Flutter Kicks & Lunges.

We 3 HIM felt since in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, halfway through their fight, the Black Knight wound up with no arms we would finish our exercise using legs only.

5 x sets of 30 flutter kicks and a 40 yard walking lunge to ensure we also felt as if we had no legs. Last minute remaining we did flutter kicks until the end.


Don’t wait to have those intimate conversations with the people close to you. Inspired by a podcast on the drive to Anvil – podcast was about doing a life review. Big message from the podcast is to have those intimate conversations now, especially if your mom and/or dad other important folks in your life are still around.


As we moseyed during Thang 1, we assessed our deadly adversary. Threw out comments such as, “Look that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide.” and “He’s got huge, sharp…eh” and “He can leap about…eh”. We dismounted after a 200 yard journey. The hill was steep and unnecessary extra work, therefore it was a required aspect to our workout. So we ran recce/cover tactics – fortunately all 3 merry HIM returned from their reconnaissance missions fully intact.

3-ship’d out on our Murder Bunnies, slaying those lagomorphs in a manner that would have left King Henry V clapping like a seal after the Battle of Agincourt. We collectively discovered Archer Mercans work better with wide-grip – who knew?

Next @f3threeskin, @remcmillan & @f3choochoo got into an argument regarding European & African swallows gripping coconut husks while in their traditional migratory patterns. Since only European swallows migrate we decided to prove that European swallows can definitely migrate with a heavy coconut from a tropical environment to a temperate environment.


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