“I think my uterus just fell out”

QIC:  Stork

Date: 01/31/2022

PAX: Mandela, Mayhem, Full Moon, Abercrombie, John Doe, Tinder, Ramrod

AO: Hacksaw

Conditions: Chilly, clear skies on this “31”st day of the year

COP: SSH x10, 5 Burpees, SSH x10, FF OYO (10 sec count in Q’s head), Willie Mays Hayes 10 count, 3rd grade exercises 11 count, SSH x11, 5 Burpees.

The Thang – Rock Around the Blocks

It is the 31st day of the year. All exercises add up to 31 (as in the COP (more burpees below)). PAX circle up in a large circle about 6 feet apart with their blocks. Music selections by the Q all have the word “Rock” in them. Exercises done in succession. Initially no breaks but as complaining and inability to breathe grew, active recovery was done with a walk around the blocks and/or 10 count.

31 reps each exercise…

Squats with calf raises with block on back


Left leg on upright block, lean to the right squat down on right leg (These should be called Captain Morgans but that title is taken already by a exercise done in plank)

Reverse it with right leg on block


Bulgarian Split squats with left foot on upright block

Repeat with right foot on block


Rock around the Blocks…done to the tune of “Rock around the Clock” by Bill Halley and the Comets, Bear crawl around the circle, do a Merkin everytime you hear the work “Rock”. Of note, merkin rep count was 34 if you did them all.

Squats with calf raises, no block

Bent over Rows

Repeat Q’s version of the ‘Capt Morgan’ as described above

Bent over Rows

Lt. Dans…split into 16 count and 15 count with a walk around the blocks in between as the PAX legs were toast

Bent over Rows

Rock around the Block – same tune as before but this time PAX in plank position with feet on block and hand walk themselves around their block doing a merkin everytime they hear the word “Rock”.

21 Burpees to complete 31

31 LBC’s

31 Hello Dollys

31 LBC’s


QIC noted how much suffering, death, prayers for healing, cancer have been heard at posts. It seems more and more new requests are heard each week to go along with the continued requests. Hebrews 2:17-18 says we have person in Jesus who Christ who is there for those who are suffering as He too did the same. And as the hands and feet of Christ, we as Christians are to be there for those around us that are hurting. Q encouraged all to look for opportunities to help those who are suffering in any way they can to show the love of Christ to others.


The mumble chatter started from the get go with the disclosure. QIC mentioned that if anyone did get injured that he would check out their uterus and then get them to their car or call for help. Much mileage gained by that comment throughout the beatdown. Several PAX stated their uterus fell out. One noted that he thought his just “broke”. Numerous groans of pain, “this is awful”, “how did you come up with this” and “please don’t do this again”. “Fun time” had by all.


Chubbys, Tuff Muff. Prayer requests taken and pray it out.

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