Spooky Time in January

QIC:  Blair Witch

Date: 01/22/2022

PAX: Cart Girl, Stork, Doodles, Jabooti, Piano Man, Sidekick, Best in Show, Sunscreen

AO: Battlefield


Very cold! 22 degrees at start of workout


15 Side Straddle Hop

10 (slow count) Willie Mayes Hayes

10 (slow count) Abe Vigoda

Pike position calf stretch (both calfs)

Michael Phelps (on your own)

10 (both directions) Little Baby Arm Circles

10 (both directions) Big Arm Circles

10 Seal Claps

10 Over Head Claps

The Thang

Evil DORA!
The participants selected a partner to complete the beatdown. While one person was completing reps, the other person was running a lap around the track. Together they had to complete a certain number of reps per exercise. The list of exercises and reps are listed below:

50 Burpees

100 Side Straddle Hop

150 Lunges

200 Squats

250 LBC’s

300 Calf raises

250 Plank Jacks

200 Freddie Mercuries

150 Imperial Walkers

100 Big Boy’s

50 Tie Fighters (Little baby arm circles while doing lunges)

MARY for the last 3 minutes


Challenge the men to make a point of reaching out to the ones who have not been around lately to check on them and their families. Too many have been struggling silently or in the open with issues during this hard time with COVID, jobs, and other issues.


We could do Merkins in the lobby of Chick-fil-A!!


Helping Chattanooga’s Homeless aka Chubby’s on Monday nights – HC on #3rd F

Habitat for Humanity January 29 and February 19 – HC on #3rd F

Tuff Muff February 19, Starts Lion’s Den – End Hill City, check out #convergence-csaup

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