Kickback VQ Cakewalk

QIC:  Kickback

Date: 12/17/2019

PAX: Pediasure, Gusher, (The one and only) Burrito, Bumblebee, Holy Kiss, Laces Out, Prosciutto, Curd, Gecko, Sidekick

AO: Smackdown


Light rain, around 40 degrees, slightly breezy


15 side straddle hops
10 forward folds
3 multi directional lunges

One minute plank
10 walkout push-ups
10 little baby arm circles forward
10 little baby arm circles reversell
10 Maroc in night clubs
OK that’s warm up let’s short mosey

The Thang

Sprint half lap to bleachers
30 dips
Box jumps to top of bleachers
15 decline Merkins
Indian run one lap
Repeat bleacher routines
Pull-up bars
Wide grip, not so wide grip, chin up, five each
Your partner does block press
Ab circle if needed to finish out time


The best leaders are good followers.

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