Almond Joys and Burpees

QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 02/16/2019
PAX: Skitch, Money Ball, Doodles, Fissure, V-Squared, Iron Butt (Respect), Initech, Sunburn (Respect), Jabooti
AO: Landfill
Conditions: Calm 53 degrees

Disclaimer: I am not a professional painter/artist nor am I a Clemson fan. Seriously, I am not a professional trainer and you are here on your own free will. Push yourselves this morning if you need to modify as necessary. If you get hurt we will help you to your car and point you to the right direction.
Burpees OYO 10x (Newly painted shovel flag was on site just wanted to start with some burpees)
Imperial Walker IC 20x
Windmill IC 10x
Cotton Pickers IC 10x
Little Baby Arm Circles IC 10x
LBAC Reverse IC 10x
Chinook IC 10x
Moroccan Night Club IC 10x
Cherry Pickers IC 10x
Big Baby Arm Circles IC 10x
BBAC Reverse IC 10x
The Thang
Wall Sits with Muhammad Ali’s IC 15x
Wall Sits with Joe Frazier’s IC 15x
Wall Sits with Shoulder Press IC 15x
Wall Sits with with Bus Driver IC 15x
Now put them all together
Wall Sits with Muhammad Ali’s, Joe Frazier’s, Shoulder Press, Bus Driver IC 10x each exercise
10 count
Extended mosey to bottom gate
10 count
Indian Run to next parking lot (front man carries ruck while last man does 5 squats and sprints to the front and gets the ruck)
10 count
Parking Lot  #1
Lunge walk to the end of lot do 10 squats and backwards lunge back
Hold Al Gore til the 6 arrives
Rinse and Repeat 3x
Bernie Sanders to next parking lot
Parking Lot #2
Bear Crawl to the end of lot do 10 merkins and backwards bear back
Hold Plank til the 6 arrives
Rinse and Repeat 2x
Indian Run to top parking lot
Find a nice Dwayne
Hammer Time
American Hammer IC 15x
American Hammer with Coupon IC 10x
American Sledgehammer (place all the Dwayne’s in one pile and make a line. First PAX picks up Dewayne and passes it to the next PAX and Dewayne gets passed down. Do this til all Dewayne’s are at the end and then return them back.)
LBC IC 10x
RBC IC 10x
Hello Dolly IC 10x
Rosalita IC 10x
Pretzel IC 8x
Pretzel Switch IC 8x
Burpees OYO 10x

Got hit with 25 burpees due to the FNG challenge
Prayer Request: That the burpees come easy and we have the strength to do them
WOD: Forgot to say my WOD due to the looming burpees and completely forgot. But it was what my shirt read “No one fights alone”. Live is tough without people. Take the time to check in with your loved ones and your F3 brothers.

Mumble Chatter was very limited but enjoyed the company of these HIM.
Made good on my bet and painted the shovel flag and got Fissure a bag of almond joy’s.
If we learned anything do not bet against Clemson.