I May Have Stolen This Workout From @Fissure But He Didn’t Backblast It So You Can’t Prove Anything

QIC:  Recycle

Date: 02/09/2022

PAX: Gusher, Hambone (RESPECT), Pediasure, Mansiere, Squirt, Warlord, Friday, and oh yeah Burrito

AO: Convoy


37 degrees at the disclaimer. Top layers were shed shortly after we got to the track.

This morning would have been low on the Blowpop Temperature Complaint Index™


WMH x14 IC
TGE x10 IC

Mosey to the track

The Thang

I Hate Running

100 Imperial Walkers count right leg

Run 4 laps

100 Big Boi Situps

Run 3 laps

100 Squats

Run 2 laps

100 Imperial Walkers
100 Big Boi Situps
100 Squats

Run 1 lap


Don’t Quit!

If you quit now, you will be right back where you started. And if you are anything like me, you were miserable when you started and would have given anything to be where you are right now.

Don’t quit.


Playlist: Stereo MCs, Tantric, Godsmack, Trapt, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Daft Punk

F3 Chattanooga run workouts begin at 0530 at Convoy on Wednesdays Burrito.

Not 0531.

It’s not easy to lead a workout when the assistant to the Q is late. But I powered through.

There were a handful that completed the single lap before time.

There were rumors of some imperial walker counting inconsistencies re: Gusher;;;;;;;;;penance has been completed.


Monthly #2nd-f El Metate gathering to eat tacos this coming Monday at El Metate to eat tacos

Mountain Education Foundation Dash & Bash fundraiser coming up on Friday 4/29. 5K run, food, and games for the whole family. Plan on wearing your F3 shirt and lets do some EH’n!

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