Coke Party

QIC:  Abercrombie

Date: 11/19/2020

PAX: 9 Volt, Clothespin, Wuzntme, Schnitzel, Thin Mint, Deep Dish, Blackout

AO: The Battery


Clear and crisp 29 degrees.


Mosey with one 1.25L Coke bottle filled with pebbles in each hand around the dog park.

WMH in cadence (10)

Michael Phelps in cadence (10)

SSH in cadence (10)

The Thang

The below exercises are done with a 1.25L Coke bottle filled with pebbles in each hand unless specified otherwise.

Four count Merkins in cadence (without bottles)

Arm staggered Merkins single count (without bottles)

Spiderman sidekick Merkins – single count (without bottles)

Pike Push-up (butt up like triangle) – single count (without bottles)

Merkins with elbows in – single count (without bottles)

Flies lying on back – in cadence (do not bring the bottles together, keep tension on your chest

Peck flex – in cadence (arms to your side and bring across to flex the chest)

Alternating side planks raising the bottle – single count

Mosey a lap inside the flags with the bottles or do 25 Bonnie Blairs OYO

Side staddle hop – in cadence

Little baby arm circles both directions – in cadence

Shoulder press with fly in between – in cadence (do not lock your arms)

Seal claps – in cadence

Side shoulder raises – in cadence

Front shoulder raises – in cadence

Sphinx triceps extensions – single count

Triceps extensions while lying on back – in cadence (keep elbows isolated and bring bottle to ears)

Lat pull overs – in cadence

Both bottles to you side and pull them up to your forehead – in cadence

Kneel and do reverse flys – in cadence

Mosey somewhere or do 25 Bonnie Blairs OYO

Superman – in cadence

1 minute plank (without bottles)

30 seconds plank each side (without bottles)

Nolan Ryan (without bottles)

Dying cockroach making the bottle touch top of foot – in cadence

American hammers – in cadence

Ab Vigota – in cadence

Pickle pointer with weights on hips – in cadence

Bicep curls

Bulgarian Lunge – single count

Bonnie Blairs – 25 on your own

Squats – in cadence

Forearm curls on your six using knee’s as brace – in cadence

Stand bottles ups.  Burpee, jump over bottle and burpee (10X OYO)


COT:  I have finished reading “Free to Lead” and ready to pass on to whomever would like to read it.   I found references to the 3rd F most valuable.  The third F does not refer to any particular religion or worldview.  It simply means that one has a concern outside of oneself (chapter 2).  The third F has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with love (chapter 4).  And then the reference to “I am Third” written by Gale Sayers was very valuable to me.  If we can model our life under the paradigm that God is first, friends and family are second and I am third, we are much more likely to find peace and success in life. 

I shared with the Pax how I many times struggle with being there for some of my friends that reach out to me with personal struggles.  Friendship is not always a convenient thing, it often takes work and is always worth the effort.

Philippians 2:1-11 ESV

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves.


It was much easier to hold on to the bottles without gloves

The “Free to Lead” book has been passed on to Blackout.

Deep Dish only knows how to count to five. For all higher numbers he just calls out “Five”.


9 Volt is on Q Saturday (The Battery).

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