F3 101

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 05/10/2019

PAX: Mrs. Baker, 9 Volt, Wuzntme, FNG-Woody

AO: Collegedale


68 and damp but no rain


Disclaimer for the FNG and some brief description on what we were doing.

SSH ICX20; Slow Squats ICX15; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; Mercans ICX10; Arm Circles ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; Forward Fold ICX15

Mosey to the PoPo Staion parking lot (Under Talladega Super Speedway)

The Thang

More of what F3 is about and what an FNG might see/do at an AO.

4 Corners

Corner 1 

25 Squats OYO; Traveling Burpees to next

Corner 2

Mountain Climbers ICX20; Bernie Sanders to next

Corner 3

Wide Squats ICX12; Traveling Burpees to next

Corner 4

Seal Claps ICX20; Sprint back to Corner 1

Mosey to the luscious turf behind the pavilion


Partner up. 

Round 1

Partner #1 will be doing Mercans; Partner 2 will run to the gravel road and back.  Switch. Repeat to 100 Mercans 

Round 2

Partner #1 will be doing squats; Partner 2 will be running a lap around the awesome structure of glass and wood.  Switch.  Repeat to 250 squats.

Mosey back to the flag for a little intro to Mary

Pretzel crunch ICX10 per side; Dying cockroach ICX12; Hello Dolly ICX15; and no FNG is truly ready until… Pickle Pounders ICX15 with eye contact.



We talked alot about what F3 is and why it is awesome.  Talked about the other AOs, future for Collegedale and it proximity to the Battery and Beast Ridge. Hint Hint


Welcome Woody.  We had a hard time naming Woody because nobody wants to be too mean but not too nice either.  Michigan guy, so we went with Woody for Woody Hayes, OSU legend.  It was not because he showed up to the workout a bit excited, despite what rumors may come out.


Murph at the Dame on Memorial Day

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    QIC: Co-Q (Threeskin, Sidekick)

    Date: 04/26/2019

    PAX: Peanuts, Mrs. Baker, Wuznt’ Me, Fast Lane, Threeskin, Sidekick

    AO: Collegedale


    61 and Raining – ish


    We warmed up sufficiently with a round robin pick yo poison

    The Thang

    Incorporated the 40 lb bags of Deer Corn this morning with a Dora of Incline Curb Mercans, Corn bag squats and a lap around the Stripper Mall.  Two teams of 3.

    Round 2 was not really a Dora.  Still two teams of 3, all 3 members lunging forward, one with the corn on their back.  We went about 20 yds, then switched the corn to a second teammate who lunged with the corn until the last corn toter ran a lap around the stripper mall.  Then handed off to the third member, second member ran his lap, etc.  Did this until we lapped the Stripper mall with lunges.  Kind of like a corn totin lungin injun run.

    Mosey across Talladega super speedway to the playground and mixed in some lat rows, swing assisted knee pull in ab exercises, pushes ups on Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo.  Mosey back to the flag for some pretzel crunches.  Time


    Talked today about laying out the plan for the AO.  Looks like we will focus on Fridays for now, evaluate as it grows.  TWSS


    Good time had by all today.  Nice to be back at it after 3 days off.  Whoever that was that called Monkey Humpers, we will be talking tomorrow.


    Non ya.  This is Black Ops Baby

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      Collegedale Convergence

      QIC: Co-Q (Sidekick, The Count, Whittler)

      Date: 03/30/2019

      PAX: FNG-Madoff, Bubbles (Respect), Candu, FNG-Smokey, Cowbell, FNG-Bernie, Ducktales, Early Bird, Fastlane, Fissure, Frasier, Geek Squad, Goose, Hasbro, FNG-Erlanger, Iron Butt (Respect), Jabooti, Magnum, FNG-Gooder, Moneyball, Mongo, Mrs. Baker (Respect), Mustang, FNG-Mayhem, FNG-POS, Peanuts, Prosciutto, Rug Doctor (Respect), She Shed, Sidekick, Sidewinder (Respect), Skitch, Snooze Button, Snowflake, Sunburn (Respect), The Count (Respect), Threeskin, Truck-Yeah, Venus, Vila, Whittler, WuzntMe

      AO: Hacksaw


      Perfect Convergence Weather


      Disclaimer delivered while planking
      Forward rest (Plank) x 10 IC
      Mtn Climbers x 10 IC
      ST Merkins x 10 IC
      SSH x 12 IC
      Imperial Walker x 10 IC
      ST Squats x 12 IC
      SSH x 12 IC

      The Thang

      PAX divided into three groups, each containing a fair number of FNGs

      Prescription for Pain
      After meeting at the Combat Medic statue, PAX were each given a prescription with a specified “dose” of an exercise.  Short mosey between the stars as we advanced.  The exercises were cumulative i.e. 1 then 1 and 2 then 1, 2, and 3, etc.

      1 – 8 count Body builder

      2 – Alternating shoulder taps

      3 – burpees

      4 – 4 count flutter kicks

      5 – merkins

      6 – Froggy squats

      7 – 4 count LBCs

      8 – imperial walkers

      9 – 4 count SSH

      10 – squats

      Field Of Dreams (Q-TheCount)

      It’s the start of Baseball Season, so AO for Field Of Dreams was set up like the infield on a Baseball Field.  

      PAX counted off by fours and each proceeded to corresponding work station (Base) for start of circuit.

      First Base – (Squats / Lunges)

      Second Base – (Merkins / Plank Jacks)

      Third Base – (LBC’s / Flutter Kicks)

      Home Plate – Burpees

      All rotation controlled by PAX at Home Plate doing Burpees.  Once PAX complete 10 Burpees they sound off to All PAX “ROTATE”, where all PAX AYG to next base.  Home moves to First Base, First Base to Second Base, Second Base to Third Base, and Third Base to Home Plate. 

      At each Base PAX will perform AMRAP of one of the exercises at that location.  They will alternate the exercises on each rotation through that base. 

      Goal is to complete as many rotations around the bases as possible (at least 3-4) in allotted time.

      Across the Hacksaw Bridge (Q – Sidekick)

      *Divide into groups of three and line up:

      Pax 1: Sprint to third tree
      Pax 2: Overhead presses until sprinter returns
      Pax 3: Plank until sprinter returns

      *Last place team 5 burpees, next to last 4 burpees, next 3 burpees, and so on… winner = 0 burpees.

      Pax pair up in 2’s for a Dora: 150 merkins

      Mary: threeskin

      Good Mornings IC x 10 Slow
      Suitcase Crunches IC x 10 Single Count
      LBCs IC x 20
      Pickle Pointers IC x 10  >  One Leg IC x 8  >  Other Leg IC x 8
      Freddie Mercury IC x 10
      Pretzel Crunch IC x 10 Each Leg
      Plank Slow Count
      Pickle Pounders IC x 10
      Plank Slow Count
      Child’s Pose
      Forward Fold Silent Count



      We’re a group of leaders. 
      F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship of Faith.  Our mission is plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 
      Our core principles are 1) free of charge 2) open to all men 3) workout outside rain or shine, heat or cold 4) leaders rotate and are not professionals or certified trainers 5) end in a circle of trust. 
      Get a copy of Freed to Lead and you’ll read about how Fitness is the magnet that attracts guys to F3 in the first place.  Fellowship is the glue that holds it all together and Faith is the dynamite that starts to effect change in and around all of us.  F3 is open to men of all faiths.
      We’re here today to spark growth in the Ooltewah/Collegedale area!


      Multiple jokes about keeping the prescriptions and changing them to Cialis

      The Count reportedly pitched a tent upon seeing the flags

      If you’re a Q and aren’t sure how to use the FNG User form – learn to delegate  (Prosciutto)



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