The Pendulum Swings at Dentention

QIC:  Blue

Date: 02-14-2022

PAX: Lyft, Nordic Track, Ponce, Roomba, Sherlock, U-turn, 8 Seconds

AO: Detention


A very chilly 28° getting colder as the beatdown prgressed. A 3/4 moon could be seen in the clear sky.


Everyone starts with SSH’s, so we started with 40 Hard Count Imperial Walkers, then went through a series of stretches, followed by 52 SSH’s just so no one complained about not doing any at all. Then proceeded to mosey for the start of the Thang.

The Thang

The Pendulum

Mosey’d around the track, around the back side of the tennis courts, then up the hill in back of the community center. Stopped at the tennis courts for a 5 Burpee active recovery. Top of the hill was 10 Burpee recovery.

Mosey down the hill, 10 SSH’s 5 Burpees

Mosey up the other side of the hill and did a combination of SSH’s (IC) & Burpees for a total of 20

Mosey back down and up the first hill, combination of SSH’s & Burpees for a total of 25

Mosey back down, combination of SSH’s & Burpees for a total of 30

Mosey back to the top of second hill, combination of SSH’s & Burpees for a total of 35

Mosey down to the baseball fields below the HUMC and do a combination of SSH’s and Burpees for total of 40

Mosey to concession stand pavillion and do 20 hard count step ups, then mosey back to flag for time.


As most of us are Christian men, we all have differing opinions/beliefs on interpretations of what scripture tells us. We are quick to judge, condemn anyone that has a differing opinion/belief. Jesus taught one important lesson that I believe all others stem. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. No matter your opinion/etc or your neighbors opinion/etc, we are called to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I am guilty of not doing this on a daily basis and struggle every single day. Go through your day and find ways to LOVE your neighbor instead of getting angry, frustrated, etc because they think differently.


Mumber Chatter was on point with ALL PAX commenting on various ways in which they despised me. All was good though, when I called TIME, the PAX realized they did indeed still love me still and were appreciative of the hard work I led them through.


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