Nobody Counts Like That

QIC:  Echo

Date: 01/22/2020

PAX: Ducktales, Hardtail, Hasbro, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Postman, Threeskin

AO: Liberty Crick


45 degrees colder than last week’s post. TN weather throwing out Powerball numbers.


Arm Circles x50 OYO

Seal Clap, Overhead Claps, and Seal/Overhead Clap Combo x30 IC

Running in Place

The Thang

This was Echo’s first Q. For most, more posts and more convo would have occurred ahead of time. However, with military experience. Might as well jump in and see where we were.

Panther Mile
Loop around Coppinger –> Rock Creek –> HWY 27 (there is a sidewalk) –> Patterson Rd –> Finish at Startex.

Raider Course
Echo put us through the Raider Course…Low Crawls, frozen monkey bars, frozen pull-up bars, frozen wall, another frozen wall, frozen climbing rope, frozen monkey ropes….finish


It is hard to get up, get out, and fight through this weather, but everyone who showed is not better for it.


Threeskin — This course is perfect…especially for a convergence, in the summer, on a Saturday

Several Pax on Course: NOPE…


Please check out the poll on Sale Creek channel. Name options: Liberty Creek, Liberty Crick, and The Creek.

Continue to EH anyone on the “Northern End”


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