Badass Balanced Bootcamp at the Boneyard

QIC: VSquared

Date: 10/11/2019

PAX: Candu, GoKart, Skitch, Pitstop, FNG-2-Bit

AO: Boneyard


Cooler then usual, almost pleasant.


• Mosey to Blocks – Take one each.

• Mosey to long wall – grab a wall sit, block on legs.

• In wall sit do arm exercises … then curls.

• Mosey to tennis court w/ block – circle up.

• Forward fold, up dog, down dog.

• Plank position – 20 merkins in cadence.

• Side straddle hop – 20 in cadence.

The Thang

Balance is what this group was about. All muscle groups, all PAX involved.
Block based workout uses the extra weight to make the simple exercises completed compound the betterment!

• Line up one near side of the tennis court – set blocks on line.

• Bear Crawl to next line – 1 merkin

• Sprint back – 2 curls, 2 overhead presses, 2 squats, 2 merkins.

• Bear Crawl to next line – 3 merkins

• Sprint back – 4 curls, 4 overhead presses, 4 squats, 4 merkins.

• Etc … all lines counting up to 10 reps of each thing on the last round.

• When your done, pick up with the six.

• Mosey to exercise area – circle merkins while one guy does 5 pull ups.

• Hold plank – plank variants: one arm up, leg up.

• Circle of squats – one guy does 5 dips.

• Hold Al Gore – focus on form.

• Mosey to parking lot – circle of Mary.


Boundaries: I don’t know enough about them to even structure a good COT, but I do know we need them dearly. This was just an encouragement to find where you need yours. See other parts of your life that seem in balance and figure out what you value their that makes you take the effort of saying no to unbalancing things. Seek the help of older and wiser men around you, too.  Seasons change and so too will your balance need to change, so get int he practice of finding your center everyday and asking yourself what balance looks like that day – then flexing throughout the day to let it happen.


The thing that simultaneously makes a bootcamp so much better and worse: #coupons


Candu & VSquared to do the Tuesday Super Reader program at the Southside Rec Center on 10/29 – feel free to come join us and then grab a day for yourself!

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