Up & Up! (03/02)

QIC: VSquared
Date: 03/02/2019
PAX: Peanuts, Candu, Back Pew, Skitch, Odd Job, Cowbell, Sunburn, Free Candy, Radio Head, FNG-Belly Roll, Roadhouse, Iron Butt, Money Ball, FNG-Icy Hot, Geek Squad, She Shed
AO: Landfill


Cool, not cold.

The Disclaimer

This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout.
I am not a professional.
I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations.
It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to.
Do not get hurt.
But if you do we will carry you to your car if necessary.


  1. Warm-Up:
    1. Side Straddle Hop x50 (in cadence)
    2. Ave Bigoda x20 (in cadence)
    3. ‘Mercans x40 (oyo)
  2. Mosey down to lowest parking lot while …
      1. Ass Kickers
      2. High Knees
    1. Then Arms Up!
      1. Nancy Caragans:
        1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
        2. Little Arm Circles backwards x10
      2. Squat position, Cherry Picker x10 (four count)
    2. Mosey to back up to the playground (“not all the way to the top!”)

The Thang

  1. At Playground Dora: Partner Up!
    1. 50 four count “Crunch Ups” // Burney Sanders up hill/mosey down hill
    2. 100 Dips // sprint up hill
    3. 50 Pull Ups // Lunges from playground wall to pavilion and/mosey back
  2. Mosey to base of big hill via sidewalk
  3. At Hillside:
    1. “The Pass”: Number off in 2-3 groups and pick a good sized rock!
      1. Line up up the hill in groups with rock at bottom
      2. Hold squat facing up hill while passing rock up the hill between your legs
      3. Back guy jail breaks to the front
    2. Crab-walk back down (oyó)
    3. Pass it up again
      1. Line up up the hill in groups with rock at bottom
      2. Hold squat facing down hill while passing rock up the hill between your legs
      3. Back guy Burney Sanders to the front
    4. Circle of plank until all teams are done!
    5. If time permits leave rock at top of hill, hold on to your teams of 4-5 men, and do a team carry of each man to the top of the hill.
    6. Put rocks back while cool down mosey.
  4. Circle of Mary, in which ## different HIM called out core based exercises, including some …


I have been thinking a lot about my goals lately, most specifically how I can better position myself to accomplish them. We all operate under some combination of deep duty and surface passion, but where ever we fall in thy ratio our actions are based on a series of beliefs. So in an effort to accomplish some deep goals in my recovery, marriage and relationship with God and my community I have been trying to focus on my honest and truthful priorities. What are the things I value most?
I want to encourage you all to think about this, and what that means for your everyday lives. For me it means a turning in its head of some of my regular priorities, and – though I am not good at it yet – I’m learning that some of the simpler mundane practices of devotions, exercise, washing dishes and clothes, and taking deep breaths are those that I must prioritize so that I can best pursue being the son, husband and self that I long and was indeed made to be.
Other important thing still have significant weight in where and how I invest my time talent and treasure, but less at the cost of those things I used to find less appealing. So I appeal to you to think about what you most care for and desire and how that must impact your everyday lives.


Have you ever spent that much time staring at another fella’s backend? You have my pity.