Celebrating 60’s!

Date: 11/03/2018
QIC: The Count (Respect)
PAX: FNG-Tea Bag (Andy Gaskins), FNG-Mugshot (Matthew Gaskins), FNG-Capsize (Tom Rice), Fast Lane, Whittler, Doodles, Cowbell, Peanuts, Threeskin, Venus, VSquared, High Tops, Candu, Early Bird, Ducktales, Fissure, Liverpool, Prosciutto, Outcast, Radiohead, Gisele, Geek Squad
AO: Landfill (White Oak Park)
Conditions: 37 Deg with Fog with Rain
Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, and you are here of your own freewill (except my two sons – FNG’s).  Work hard at your own pace, and if you get hurt we will get you to your car or call an ambulance!  🙂
Warm Up: Mosey around field alternating between Mosey, Bernie Sanders, Side Shuffle, followed by  Side Straddle Hops, Tappy Taps, Windmills, and Finkle Swings.  Last warm up we formed two lines on hill for “Bucket Brigade” routine using a 25 lb plate for each line.  Performed scenario twice both up and down the hill.
The Thang:
William Wallace:  4 corners – Aprox 60 yards apart with 1 station in middle of 4 corners where 10 exercises in order await  (Side Saddle Hop-10, Lunges-10/ea, Mountain Climbers-10/ea, Flutter Kicks-10/ea, Squats-10, Burpees-10, Imperial Walker-10/ea, Plank Jacks-10, Big Boy Situps-10, Oblique Crunches-10/ea).  1 PAX from each team AYG to middle perform 10 Reps of while rest of PAX hold Plank or Al Gore until their turn.  Once 60 Reps of each exercise are done by team they move to next exercise.  Each exercise 60 Reps x 10 exercises = 600 Reps.
Ring Around Mary – Group concluded workout with 6 minutes of Mary’s – Dealers Choice of Mary for 10 reps (single or IC).
End Ex!  Great Job Gentlemen!
COT:  I had the honor to have my two sons there as FNG’s (TeaBag and MugShot) to help me celebrate my last day in the 50’s and welcome me to the 60’s.  Reminded the group as to the meaning of the 3 F’s and the importance of our motto; “We never leave a man behind, but we never leave a man where we found them.”  Sincere thanks for the Great Birthday Cookie (Fissure) and the music (Geek Squad).
Thanks to all!