Boneyard Tour – Dis & Dat

QIC: Sunburn

Date: 07/30/2019

PAX: WuzntMe, Dirk, Whoopi, Cliff Hanger, FNG-Chester, Jazzy Jag, Lutefisk, VSquared,Iron Butt (Respect x2)

AO: Boneyard


It’s July 30th in Chattanooga. What do you want me to say, it’s snowing? Hot, Humid and I’m sweating. 


SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes. Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the front lot.  Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docs. LBC’s 

Mosey around the corner for Wall Sits. Joe Fraser, Mosey around the corner for Wall Sits, Mohamed Ali’s, Mosey to next building for Wall Sits, Overhead Press, Smurfjacks

The Thang

On our way to the picnic tables:

Step Up’s – 10 Each Leg, Incline Merkins – 12, Step Up’s – 8 each leg, Incline Werkins – 8, Step Up’s – 6 each leg, 12 Incline Diamond Merkins

Mosey to the outside wall:

10 Wall Jumps, 12 Inline Merkins, 8 Wall Jumps, 12 Incline Werkins, 6 Wall Jumps, 12 Incline Diamond Merkins.

Light Pole Sprint Suicides

Sprint to the 2nd light pole, bear crawl back, sprint to the second light pole, burpee broad jump back, sprint to the end of parking lot and Bernie Sanders back.

Mosey to the stadium steps. Ok it’s not a stadium but I’m not sure what to call these concrete seats that overlook a ball field. Bleachers just don’t seem right.

10 Toe Taps, 12 Incline Merkins,, 8 Toe Taps, 12 Incline Werkins, 6 Toe Taps, 12 Incline Diamond Merkins

Mosey Back to parking lot speedway.

Straight Up Suicides 1, 2, 3 light poles.

Mosey the long way around the track to the workout yard.

Rotating Circuit:

2 Sets of 10 Pull ups, bar dips, toe taps, spring squats, chest press

Mosey back to parking lot

Easy jog to end of lot and jail break back

Hard Sprint to end of parking lot and lunge back.

Time’s Up, this concludes our tour.

Worked into today’s tour we had about 5 Burpee Buses pass through which translates to 25 additional burpees.


5 D’s evil uses to destroy you and/or defeat your team.

1. Discourage

2. Distract

3. Distort (the truth with lies)

4. Doubt

5. Divide

The answer is to

1. Encourage yourself and others

2. Focus on what matters

3. Speak Truth to the lies.

4. Trust

5. Unite

If your struggling with any of these, reach out to your F3 Brothers. That’s a big part of why we exist. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


It seemed pretty quit today. We missed the chatter of Candu and his occasional outburst of pain inflicted words.  We did discover that Lutefisk has hops and can leap tall wall’s. If this were a multi level marking business I would be rich. My downline Lutefisk brought another FNG – Welcome Chester. 


Starting Friday August 16 we will be adding Friday’s to the Boneyard. More opportunity for Q’s and VQ’s are encouraged. 

2.0 workout coming in a couple weeks to the Landfill in a couple of weeks. 

Lets be praying for each other. Many of us are super busy with a lot on our plates and new things being added to our schedules.  Pray that we are patient with our loved one’s and that we can shine the Light of Christ in every aspect of our lives and do it well. 

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